A look at my Resolutions

It’s been over 6-months since I made my resolutions for the yr. Let’s review how far I’ve gotten, shall we? 3 places I want to visit: 1. Walt Disney World. I know I’ll be in DtD after my cruise, but …

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A jewel of an adventure! Day 4-Cozumel pt.2


The 2nd part of the excursion we booked with the cruise was a beach break. We were shuttled to a private beach called Playa Mia Grand Beach. This beach can be accessed without an excursion, just ask your taxi driver …

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I love Crocs


When I tell that to people, most of them give me a disgusted look because they’re thinking of these monstrosities that made Crocs infamous in the fashion circles. Then I go into explaining to them that yes, the clogs are …

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And here’s the story. From now on, I’ll be referring to him as DF (dear fiance). I had been planning to go to the beach with a group of my friends for a long time now. In fact. I’ve been …

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A jewel of an adventure! Day 4-Cozumel pt.1


Today was a day full of adventures. So full in fact, that I have to split it into two posts. For this cruise, we chose to book excursions with the ship. It IS a bit pricier, but it was good …

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A jewel of an adventure! Day 3-First day at sea


Today was one of two days at sea on this cruise. We didn’t want to wake up too early because we were so tired from the night before, but we also wanted to enjoy breakfast! We loved the outward facing …

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Your brother just got stabbed in the back!

I love my new job. The reason why I haven’t been posting as often is because I spend ALL DAY on the computer which makes me not want to turn on my laptop when I get home. So you get …

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Anndie’s Favourite things giveaway!

Hop on over to my BFF, Anndie’s blog www.blog.originalcolor.net today to enter in her favourite things giveway! Love Oprah? Well, this is kind of the same thing because she probably has too much stuff and feels like giving them away …

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