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I’m a lover. I love a lot of things. I love traveling and everything to do with traveling including the planning, the luggage, the booking, the brochures, the hotels, the transportation, the websites, you name it, I love it.
I also love Disney and many things related to Disney. I haven’t been a fan of their live-action shows lately, probably because I don’t get cable. I love Anime. Again, many aspects of it. Also, I’m a food-lover. I love trying out new foods and restaurants and just exploring new flavours and options. Welcome to the hodge-podge of my life!

Here’s a guide to my Categories.

Big Spender- This is for when I blog about what I just spent my money on! Don’t worry about seeing boring grocery stuff, I only ever blog about items worth blogging about.
Disney- Any and everything to do with Disney that comes up for me.
Duffy- Entries that contain or is about my Disney bear, Duffy McDuff!
Everyday ramblings- It’s just that. Basically a category for life updates or random ponderings.
Good times- A category for when I talk about fun events or experiences I’ve had.
Just 10- This started off as a category for my entries about losing weight and getting healthy. I haven’t written up much for it at all. The title comes from Dr.Oz’s challenge or losing just 10 pounds to improve our lives.
Lookin’ Good- Another category that don’t have much. I was planning on blogging about the cute outfits I like to wear, but my phone’s camera isn’t as nice as I’d like it to be.
Memes FTW- Basically, a category for the memes that I participate in.
Nom nom- Any entries to do with food will be in this category.
On the Road Again- This is for all my entries to do with traveling, albeit short or long distances.
PC Paradise- I love the PC brand and will occasionally blog about my opinion of the PC products that I try out or buy.
Window Shopping- Entries about what I would LIKE to own. Pretty random stuff usually.

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  1. Chris J (LeStudio) says:

    Awesome job !
    This cruise is going to be a blast.

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