Day 6

Princess Challenge- Prettiest Princess

Ooooooh, this one is real tough……Cinderella is very pretty. And Ariel is the most adorable with her giant eyes, although Rapunzel can now compete with HER ginormous peeps. Giselle is pretty too with her wavy hair. And Belle and Tiana kind of look alike with their ponytails, but both are very pretty. Ummmmmmmm, I guess I’ll choose……Giselle. I love her flowy pink dress and her orange hair.

30 Day-A photo of an animal you’d love to keep as a pet.

Oooooh, there are so many. This is tough. Well, the number one animal I want for a pet is my favourite animal of all.

Snakes are my fave animals and the cobra is my favourite snake. I also like the Black Mexican and garden snakes are the CUTEST THINGS IN THE WORLD to me. Of course, there’s no chance of keeping it as a pet because I’m not allowed to have poisonous things.

Anime- Most annoying anime character

Oh, where do I start? There are two that definitely stand out in this category.

Annoying character number 1.

Suzumiya Haruhi from anime of same name. Seriously, I find her annoying as f**k. She’s just so full of herself and always inconveniencing people for her own needs. Why do people love her???? I hate her guts.

Annoying character number 2.

Lala from To Love Ru. Man…..this one……main female leads are not supposed to be this annoying, but here’s another one. She’s touted as the most perfect girl in the anime. All the guys want to get in her pants. She’s cute and clumsy and dumb as f**k. I usually like dumb characters, but this one is just freaking annoying. If not for the cute classmate the main guy has a thing for, or his sister, I would’ve not continued to watch this show. The side characters are so much more interesting and engaging than the lead.


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9 Responses to Day 6

  1. Anndrea says:

    A snake, really? LOL you should babysit Anne’s snake then – she was asking for volunteers once.

  2. Lissy says:

    a snake? bleh, leh, yuck! Guess it’s better than a spider.

    I was looking at some of your other posts, cause ya know, I’ve never been here. We may not have the same taste in pets, but your post, For the record, I could have written that. I think I have written that actually. I did the 10,000 steps thing last year. Really helped me lose weight for my wedding and now it’s all back :( lol.

  3. Clinton says:

    Personally, I’d pick a Koala. Those things are awesome on just so many levels, and ever so cute.

    It’s hard for me to remember really annoying anime characters because if I’m not interested in the characters after the first episode, I just don’t watch anymore. Makes names and faces difficult to recall.

    • yuki yuki says:

      Well, just because a show has one bad character, doesn’t mean the others are teh suck. Except for Suzumiya…..I don’t really like any characters from that series.

      I really want a snake. But I also really want a fruit bat.

      • Clinton says:

        I have to admit that the idea of a trained fruit bat almost eclipses having a koala. Especially if you could get it to sit on your shoulder and stare at people that you’re talking with.

  4. DaRon says:

    I didnh’t know you had a blog! Well, anyways, I think snakes are the grossest looking things ever LOL!! I used to really like snakes when I was really little now I cannot even stand the sight of them. I even have nightmares where I am surrounded by snakes. They just freak me out. Nice blog!

    • yuki yuki says:

      Hey Daron! Great to have you come by!

      I actually had this really scary nightmare last year about being surrounded by poisonous angry snakes. It was so scary, I couldn’t get back to sleep. I still love them though. They’re also delicious =D

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