Taking steps to a new me…hopefully

So, I went on that walk around my neighbourhood today. Here’s the distance I covered. The ‘A’ is my house.

Fanta (my ipod nano 6th gen) is also a pedometer. It took me around 35 minutes to walk it. According to Fanta, I walked 38 feet. Um…converted that’s…..11.5 meters! That’s not so bad.

I was hoping to take at least 5 000 steps on the walk. But it only came out to be about 4 000. That’s not bad…..but could’ve been better. I guess I can widen the circle I walk just a bit?

In other news, buying new clothes for myself kind of makes me a new me right???? Ok, that’s a stretch I know.

I was invited out to the mall yesterday (not a great idea since I was trying hard not to spend money) and was at H&M. I only meant to take a look, to see what was new. But then they flaunted those $15 dresses RIGHT IN MY FACE!!! And they were SO CUTE! How could I resist?

So, I grabbed two of the dresses to try on, and also grabbed a belt, to see how the dresses would look with one. I ended up buying ALL 3 of those items. I got great deals on the dresses though! I’m having trouble finding the items I bought on their website, so I guess no pictures. Well, I can still describe them!

I got a cute black ruffle-sleeved dress that goes to my knees. Orig price was $29.95. Sale price $15!!!

The other dress I got is a red poofy-sleeved dress with ruffles on the collar. Has a bunch of tiny little white dots on it. Goes down to my knees. I’ve been eye-ing the black version of this dress for a while now, but I guess it’s been sold it. It never went on sale. Orig price $39.95. Sale price $15!!! More than 50% off!

The belt I got is just this giant black bow. You can wear it in the front or back and it’s so cute! Both dresses look great with it. I tried it on at home with some of my clothes and it’s ADORABLE. Orig price $12.95. NOT ON SALE.

Total spent $48.53. And because I spent more than $40, I got a $5 off card for use during January! I’m very happy with that. Honestly, H&M should start a points system, or maybe get a discount card. It’s so hard having to wait for sales and hoping they still have what you want in your size.

I finally did a task I’ve been putting off. Putting my summer dresses away and replacing them with my winter sweaters. I noticed that I have a LOT of white winter sweaters…..I wonder why…. Well, toodle-loo till next time!


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2 Responses to Taking steps to a new me…hopefully

  1. A says:

    Pictures please!!!
    Id love to see those dresses
    I’m off to buy new clothes too in abit..
    After i replenish my wallet with my bonus rofl

    • yuki yuki says:

      I’ll probably be wearing one of them to your dinner party, so I won’t spoil you for that. =D

      Hooray for a bonus! December is such a wonderful sale season, ne?

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