For the record

So I’ve been doing those 10 minute exercises everyday since I started this Just 10. I’ve been drinking green tea everyday, at least 2 cups of it. Twinnings makes SUCH good tea, I’ve been drinking this brand for months now. I have 5 different kinds of their tea. Everyone should try their Mint Green Tea. So good. If you like pomegranates, the Pomegranate Black Tea is highly recommended.

I finally measured myself today.
Waist- 27.5 inches
Butt- 37.5 inches

I’ll say my weight is around 120 lbs. I don’t have a scale so can’t give anything accurate right now.

But boy……my waist was 26 inches just last year. And my butt was 35 inches.

Along with the 10 minute exercises, I’ve been doing ab and butt crunches every night before I go to sleep. A couple of months back, I did the ab exercises diligently, and really felt a difference. I started to see an outline! Then I got sick and lost motivation. I hope to get those lines back, and just…..get tighter abs.

Dr.Oz recommends that I take 10 000 steps a day! I counted my steps the other day when I went to the mall. Spent 3 hours just walking around, and only took 3 000 steps! I think I can at least try to take 5 000 steps a day, but 10 000 a day….is pretty far away.

Especially since the weather is so much suck! In the spring/summer, I have no qualms with walking around more, but in the winter…….ugh.

Well, wish me luck with the steps thing!


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2 Responses to For the record

  1. Anndrea says:

    Good Luck granny! Ah I gave up on counting my steps! I have so much things to do on my phone, I can’t have it set up on the pedometer. I think those cheapie ones they have in cereal boxes will do – quite accurate too. Haha now if only I can find one…

    And 3 hours of walking is only 3000 steps? =[[ guh

    • yuki yuki says:

      You can probably find them in the dollar store.

      Well, to be honest, I did walk kind of slow when I was in the stores, but I had to like….walk with a bit of a skip to get my steps to count, haha.

      I’m going to do some serious walking tomorrow.

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