The fruits of Tainan

We woke up bright and early on our second day after a nice long sleep. We had more family to visit in Tainan. The drive there was a short 1.5hrs.

We first arrived at a beautiful all female Buddhist temple to pay respects to his mom’s father. This temple’s entrance way is decorated with donations from patrons of the temple. One of these decorations was a pair of stone statues which were knock off Mickey and Minnie Mouses about 2 feet tall. They were pretty freaky.

His mom’s immediate family all assembled at the temple and I met his grandmother. Before we left, the monks gave us all friendship bracelets they made themselves as a parting gift. It was a really nice experience. No pictures were taken of the temple, to show our respect for the deceased.

On our way to the temple, we drove by a fruit farm. This is when I learned that Tainan is known for their fruit and it’s some of the best in the world. I had the pleasure of trying some at lunch and I was in love. So much flavor! So fresh! So sweet! These are not the fruits I’m used to in Canada. I feel ripped off.

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy.



This is considered liquid Viagra.

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  1. A says:


    The bear/creature next to the adventure time creature is sooo cute.

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