A jewel of an adventure! Day 5 & 6-Costa Maya and Sea day

On our 4th day, we were up at the crack of dawn to make our early morning excursion in Costa Maya. The ship was to leave at 4pm so we had to get up early to make the most of our day. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a whole lot to do other than shop near the port because you can to go through the military if you wanted to go into town. They have a very heavy military presence.

Because we knew we had to get to our meet-up point early, we decided to order an in-room breakfast the night before. I swear, I need to start taking more pictures of my food…I think Andrew got some bacon and I had some toast. We both had apple juice and coffee. This was the ONLY time we ordered room service. I hope to take advantage of it more on my next cruise but there will be a lot more new food to try! What a dilemma.

Moving on, today’s excursion was just a short one. We booked a glass-bottom boat tour. The water was incredible. There will be many pictures in this post of the water. I still can’t get over how beautiful it is! It looked like blue Kool-Aid!

I left my camera in my room, so I only took a few shots with my video camera. All the pictures I took of the glass bottom didn’t turn out so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

There were dancers there to welcome us when we reached the port! One of them looked a LOT like one of our friends back home.

We’re ready for some glass-bottom boat touring!

These pictures turned out pretty ok considering they were taken by my video camera.

Our tour guide was very cool. Purely local, he told us a lot about Costa Maya (the name of the port) and Maha’ual[sp?] (the name of the town). You could tell he really loved the culture and was eager to share it with us. We were with a small group, probably just 10 of us. He encouraged us to take a visit into town if we could. I might do that next time…

The boat was a tiny little thing but was very safe and secure. It rocked A LOT though. We were given charts with picturs of fish and coral on it to help us identify what we would be seeing. The water was very shallow and clear so we could see everything! He pointed out the really interesting coral like brain coral and we learned a bit more about the fish that lived there. I think it was mating season for a type of fish so we saw large groups of them. It was really amazing to see everything like that. Of course, I would’ve preferred scuba-diving to get real close but this was a fun experience too.

Another thing that stands out abaout the excursion is when he offered us all some drinks in a cooler he brought. We tried a can of Coca Cola and really liked it! Coca Cola tastes different in different regions because they’re made with local ingrediants. The Coke we had was made with pure can sugar. It was very refreshing.

On our ride back to the port, I’m sure every one of us was asleep. It had been a really early morning for us and the bus was pretty comfy.

Again, Annndie and Mr.S split up with us and returned to the ship while we explored the shops. When we were at the beach the day before, I was wearing a pair of my mom’s earrings and they somehow came off. I knew I wanted to get her a gift, but now I had to make up for losing her earrings too. So we took a trip to Diamonds International and bought her a Tanzanite necklace and earrings.

We also discovered a silver store that was on the Safe List given out by Royal Carribbean. You see, RCCI has partnered with stores in the ports they sail to to offer us extra protection when we purchase something. Not only are they guaranteed to be good businesses, we also have te option of returning an item to the store within 30 days. I loved having that security when I shopped in the ports. It was especially important when buying expensive jewellery.

I bought a silver chain and silver Mother-of-pearl heart-shaped earrings that I just adored. Having a nickel allergy, it’s very important for me to make sure I’m getting pure silver. I also saw a pair of mother-of-pearl bat-shaped earrings that I fell for but I didn’t have enough money, even when we tried to talk it down. In a way, I feel a little more secure that they didn’t let me bargain too low because if they were willing to sell it to me for really cheap, it probably wasn’t the real deal and I wouldn’t have wanted that. Next time!

We saw these luchador masks and looked for the one that looked most like Koodo’s mascot, El Tabador.

We were getting hungry so we headed back to the ship for some lunch. I love the Windjammer. I never had any problems with the food there and I loved eating in the outdoor seating. Definitely one of my favourite food places on the ship.

I remembered my camera this time so we took lots of pictures!

Just us being a dummy, as always.

My gosh that water….I just want to DIVE IN.

On our 2nd shopping trip, I picked up some souvenirs and YC went on a hunt for the best tequila he could afford. He tasted almost everything in the store and finally came home with a diamond shaped bottle. Even -I- liked it.

Again, we had dinner with just the two of us because our cruise companions had a dinner in one of the restaurants you have to pay extra to enjoy. They both loved the meal and highly recommended it to us. Maybe next time….

We caught a bit of the stage show but were generally unimpressed. It was a story told by several song and dance numbers so it was all very confusing. They also had dances and music and costumes from around the world? I still don’t know what it was about.

I loved the costumes though.

Again, we met up in the games room for a round of Munchkins! A new game every night! I really loved this tradition of games at the end of every night because it was the perfect time to get caught up and share our thoughts of the trip so far. By this time, they were really enjoying their first cruise.

We spent some more time in the casino and the gift shop (we always ended up there….) before heading back to our room to find this little creature on our bed. Thank you Carl!

It’s very cute because it’s wearing Andrew’s sunglasses and holding one of my pens.

On our 5th day which was our 2nd sea day, we basically just lounged around and slept-in. Andrew finally got to climb the wall. I slept some more and we sun-bathed more while we had the chance. I got burned really badly but the sunburn cream being sold onboard wasn’t very expensive at all. It was worth it! My new favourite thing to do on a cruise is sunbathing.

We bought some last minute gifts for our families and had fun handing out the pre-paid tips envelopes to everybody. We topped it off a bit for Carl and Cornelius because they were just fabulous. We only took one picture that day and it was wih Cornelius.

Thank you Cornelius for making this cruise even better with your jokes and great service! You’re the reason we want to return to the Jewel! You could really tell how much everyone in the dining room loved their waiters because we all clapped and cheered for them and they sang us a good-bye song. It was such a great moment to be a part of. When we return, Cornelius said he would be captain. I can’t wait to meet Captain Cornelius!

We packed up everything as best as we could. The tequila that we had to surrender when we got on the boat was returned to us and we watched some last episodes of Adventure Time, The Regular Show and Gumball on Cartoon Network. We also checked out a bit of The Quest which is a fun event that only adults are allowed to attend. We were way too tired so didn’t join in on the fun. We had a big day tomorrow!


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