A jewel of an adventure! Day 4-Cozumel pt.3

We still had a couple of hours left before we had to get back on the ship, so YC and I decided to take a stroll into town while Annndie and Mr.S headed back to the ship to rest.

We basically strolled along the street that runs parallel to the pier. I was on a hunt for a shot glass to bring home to add to our shot glass collection for places we’ve travelled to.

While walking, we saw this little guy.
Ok, he wasn’t very little. Boy….it was just….there, on the side of the street. I would say it was about the length of my forearm.

This hotel just stood out to us.

It was pretty funny to see all those bikes parked up next to the sidewalk.

See? Right along the water.

I think it’s so cool you can rent a Harley. I wonder how much they charge?

Hey look, it’s the Jewel. Ahh, seeing pictures of the ship makes me miss it a lot.

It was pretty funny to see this sign. Not a very common combination up here.

While we were taking our stroll, we were constantly hounded by passing taxi drivers for a ride. We kept telling them we didn’t want to go anywhere. One or two followed us for a min or two before they realized we were serious. I was really hoping to check out the famous Diamonds International store to get a free charm for a bracelet that was given out on the ship but it was just too far away. Next time maybe…

We found a little convenient store that was stock full of tequila and snacks. We bought a cute little shot glass and he bought small bottle of tequila. Because we weren’t allowed to bring alcohol back to our rooms, we had to hide it. Thankfully, the duffel I brought had a great hiding spot that fooled the scanner!

Boy, the ship is just HUUUGE.

Once we got back to our room, we decided to hit the hot tubs. We bumped into Annndie and Mr.S there and even saw a Jay Baruchel look-alike! It was nice to just chill and enjoy the deck activities. We took part in a bean bag toss where I failed miserably but the boys were pretty good with it. No prizes for us though.

After another wonderful dinner with our fabulous waiter Cornelius, we continued our tradition of playing games every night and had a great time playing Apples to Apples in the Safari Lounge.


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