A look at my Resolutions

It’s been over 6-months since I made my resolutions for the yr. Let’s review how far I’ve gotten, shall we?

3 places I want to visit:
1. Walt Disney World. I know I’ll be in DtD after my cruise, but I want to actually set foot in the parks (doesn’t look like this will happen)
2. China/HK. It’s been too long since I’ve been back. Hoping to make a trip in the Fall (I’ll be in HK this Winter break!)
3. Wasaga Beach. My summer 2011 resolutions fell through, so I’m going to try to make it happen this year (went and it was AWESOME)

3 things I want to buy:
1. Bliss Spa’s Love Handler (bought)
2. Bliss Spa’s Thinny Thin Chin (still contemplating it…)
3. Lululemon’s Run:Pace Setter running skirt (got it on sale!

3 places I want to eat at:
1. Rodney’s Oyster House (not yet…)
2. Medieval Times (treated my family to this!)
3. Benihana’s (still not yet)

3 goals I’d like to accomplish:
1. Go to the gym at least twice a week (worked for a couple of weeks, but need to get back into the habit)
2. Dye my hair a pleasing colour (did it! Chestnut brown)
3. Get a job with at least 40k yearly salary (um….27K salary for now…)

3 projects I want to finish:
1. New York City scrapbook (made a picture book instead)
2. New York City trip report (on hiatus for now)
3. Family scrapbook (I doubt I’ll ever get to this)

3 books I want to read: (I did not read any of these!)
1. Pursuit of Happiness
2. The Last Lecture
3. Fairest

3 new experiences I want to have:
1. Sky diving (working on it)
2. Baking a Red Velvet cake (I have the mix waiting for me)
3. Being proposed to (accomplished! Woot!)
4. CN Tower’s Edgewalk (will be doing this in a few weeks)

So it looks like I did pretty ok. Let’s see how it looks at the end of this yr.


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