A jewel of an adventure! Day 4-Cozumel pt.2

The 2nd part of the excursion we booked with the cruise was a beach break. We were shuttled to a private beach called Playa Mia Grand Beach. This beach can be accessed without an excursion, just ask your taxi driver to bring you there.


Included in this beach break was a buffet that I very much enjoyed. I loved trying some local versions of foods I love like shortribs and salads.

Because it was a private beach, it was pretty empty so there were plenty of seats around. There were also paddleboats and other water toys you could play with. They also had lifejackets for swimming out to the floating playgrounds.

As soon as we saw those playgrounds, we KNEW we wanted to play on them. It didn’t look THAT far away, so we started swimming out to them. Unfortunately, it was not a good idea. We first reached a giant floating trampoline where we rested a bit. We debated on whether we wanted to swim further out when a lifeguard pulled up in a boat with two lifejackets. Ohhh, we were supposed to put those on!

With the lifejackets on, we felt able enough to swim out the those floating pyramid structures. When we got there…..we found out it was going to be a real struggle to even get on top of those things. When we returned home, we looked up these floating playgrounds and found out there was supposed to be an attachment that helped you get on top of the floating pyramid, but the beach didn’t have it. I tried very hard and was able to get on top of the ledge, just at the bottom of a slide. I had no energy to keep going.

After that, we slowly doggy paddled our way back to the beach. Talk about a full body workout! During our adventures, we had separated from Annndie and Mr.S and even though it was a small beach, we didn’t see them again until we had to get back on the bus. After our fun in the water, YC and I enjoyed our time hanging out in some hammocks. Pure bliss.

Now for some pictures of how gorgeous the water and the weather is.


Those are the green floaty things we talked about.

How would I rate this excursion? For it’s price, not that bad at all. I really enjoyed the trek and our guide and the beach was a lot of fun. If you’re looking for something a little more authentic Mayan, make sure your excursion brings you to the Tulum ruins. Unfortunately, ours wasn’t very “real” but we still had a good time and learned a lot.


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