And here’s the story.

From now on, I’ll be referring to him as DF (dear fiance).

I had been planning to go to the beach with a group of my friends for a long time now. In fact. I’ve been wanting to go since last summer! Fortunately, all of our free days synced up and we were able to organize a beach day for the last weekend in July. This was a beach day that took about a month to plan. We were going to BBQ too so we had a lot to coordinate.

When the day finally came, it was a beautifully sunny and slightly windy day. Perfect for the beach! We had little hiccups here and there such as missing our exit on the highway, remebering last min items, and running out of coals but overall, it was turning out to be a pretty perfect day. The water was warm, the sand was soft and the sun was shining. We had so much fun grilling up our food, playing in the water and building sandcastles. I was having a great time. The best was that my best friends were there with me, all 10 of us.

Before we got this all planned out, DF was very insistent on having a big group there. I thought it was kind of weird because he usually cares very little about hanging out with my friends. He kept saying, “The more the merrier right?” and I just couldn’t argue with that logic. Another thing he insisted on was having a watermelon and a bat to smash it. He insisted that he wanted an Anime-beach-episode day which included smashing a watermelon. We got the bat at the very last minute before the store closed the night before the beach!

Back to the beach, we were having a pretty good Anime-beach-episode day with the splashing in the water, bouncing a beach ball around and his face “accidentally” planting into my boobs when the waves were too strong in the water (and the subsequent punch in his face. He didn’t fly out of the water though). Then when it was time to smash the watermelon, DF had us all draw for who would go first. I got the stick with the coal on it, so I had the pleasure of being the one to smash the watermelon.

I picked up the bat and waited for my friend to tie the blindfold. It took her FOREVER to do this. I was getting so agitated because she kept “having trouble” with the knot and it was pretty frustating to stand there and be blindfolded for 5 minutes. When it was finally “tight enough”, I had to be spun around a couple of times to get me nice and dizzy and boy, was I! My friends gave me some instructions and I took my first hit. According to my friends, it was right in the middle! I hit it again and BAM, the watermelon split in half and my friends cheered in disbelief. I’m gooood.

I took my blindfold off to admire the perfectly split watermelon when my friends told me to turn around. There he was, in a SUIT (sans jacket), saying something I can’t remember (it went along the lines of, “Everyday I wake up, I smile because of you”, or something). All I could register in my head was “Oh my gawd!” and “Holy shit!” I started crying as he got down on one knee and took out the ring. I couldn’t even say yes, I just nodded. I was being blinded my tears and couldn’t even see the ring. He reached for my right hand before I gave him my left. All of my friends clapped, along with everyone else on the beach that just witnessed that. It was AWESOME.

He really kept my requests in mind when he planned and carried this out. I’m a girl that knows what I want, so I had long told him what kind of proposal I wanted. I wanted it to be public, not typical, and my friends to be around. This is even more than I expected and I’m actually really proud that he was able to pull off this surprise!

I’m wearing my Golden Snitch earrings <3


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