A wonderful surprise

This weekend, my boyfriend, YC surprised me with a visit! We have a long distance relationship and wasn’t planning on meeting this weekend, but he showed up on friday night and we had a wonderful but short weekend together.

The main event took place yesterday. Tron: Legacy had just come out, and he knew how much I wanted to watch it, so we went to see it! 3 years I’ve been looking forward to this movie. Ever since the announcement at the San Diego Comic Con (some place I DESPERATELY want to go to).

I had planned on making lunch for us, but didn’t have much in the fridge, so we decided to just eat at the mall. Earlier this year, a Spring Rolls opened up at the ONLY MALL in the city. I’ve already been a couple of times and I have to say, I really enjoy eating there. I hear that some people think it’s too expensive and the food is mediocre, but it’s really not bad. The portions are HUGE and the food is good considering this place pretty much targets White people. The food is authentically Asian and I’ve never had something to complain about. They also have very yummy drinks and very willing to accommodate for dietary needs. The atmosphere is probably the one thing that puts people off. They assume a fancy looking place like this is either expensive, or unauthentic. I don’t think it’s either.

On Saturday and Sundays from 11am-4pm, they offer dim sum in place of the regular menu. You can choose to have dim sum or order from the regular menu. I’ve always wanted to try their dim sum and I wasn’t disappointed! For dim sum, you tick off the item you want, just like a regular Chinese restaurant, but they also have a picture menu! It’s just a menu with pictures of all the items you can order for dim sum. I thought that was a very nice touch.

We ordered 5 items, but to be honest, we could’ve easily filled up on 4. The price of the items ranged from $2.95 to $7.95 depending on the size of the item. Here’s what we ordered.

Avocado milkshake (off their drinks menu) $3.95.

For today, I put in my contacts to watch the 3D Tron movie. I also chose to wear my red frames. Those lenses are surprisingly hard to pop out! I bought these red reading glasses for a cosplay, and it took us a good 2 hours to get them out.

Sexy Summer Rolls- $2.95

I’m a fan of the rice paper rolls and this was just VERY YUMMY. It had shrimps and rice noodles and lettuce and some stuff I can’t remember. YC liked how healthy it tasted, haha.

Beef Satay Pad Thai- $5.95

This alone, could be a lunch. It was topped with chopped cilantro which I took off (I’m allergic). I’ve always loved Spring Rolls’ pad thai’s. What I loved about the dim sum version is that you can choose to have beef, chicken, or vegetable and they all cost the same. No up-charge for beef like on their regular menu.

Egg Custard Buns- $3.95

Mmmmmm, this has always been a childhood favourite of mine. I haven’t had it in years. And it was just as good as I remembered it! Very yummy. I wouldn’t recommend it cause you can easily fill up on the bun. This is one item we could’ve done without. We ended up packing it up.

Curry Cuttlefish- $2.95

This is one of my dim sum staples. It was very good! I didn’t know what to expect with this one, but it tasted pretty darn authentic. I think the big difference is it wasn’t drenched in oil.

We also ordered the obligatory Spare Ribs in Black Bean sauce. I failed to take a picture of this cause we just digged in. Same comment as with the cuttlefish. It was very very yummy. With a distinct lack of being drowned in oil. Definitely an improvement.

In the end, it all came out to be around $25, which included tax but not tip. I would recommend this. That price would easily have been less, and that’s not so bad for 2 people having dim sum.

So, how was the movie? Ohhhhh, it was good. Daft Punk did the music for this movie, and it was awesome. Some parts of the music were so epic, YC and I thought Hans Zimmer had something to do with it, but he didn’t.

If you haven’t seen this movie but plan to, you should at least read the synopsis on wiki or something. The graphics and art direction were incredible. It’s SOOOOO cool to see how they improved on the designs in the first movie.

The 3D parts of the movie were pretty cool too. I counted about….3-4 instances of it, but I’m sure there were more.

13 from House is the main female lead in the movie. I was never really a fan of her. I mean, she’s not a bad actress, but when people talked about how hot she is……I didn’t really see it. BUT, in this movie…..GOSH SHE WAS CUUUUTE! Her character was pretty innocent and she was just adorable. She played it really well and her design really suited her. I have more respect for her now. It’s so different from her role on House.

Overall, I think Tron fans definitely MUST WATCH this. But if you’re not a fan….you probably won’t get too much out of it, other than just enjoying it for the purpose of entertainment. It’s visually beautiful, the characters are well made, and the music is awesome (cause it’s Daft Punk, DUH).

Oh, Daft Punk is also featured in the movie. That part was SUPER AWESOME.


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2 Responses to A wonderful surprise

  1. Anndrea says:

    LOL At least you like that place. I for one don’t like Asian Fusion therefore – avoid that place like the plague. I’ve had lunch there twice and was just not satisfied. But to each her own~

    We’re going to watch TRON soon so I’m excited! We have Monday and Tuesday off so YAY!

    • yuki yuki says:

      Yeah, everyone has stuff they like. For “asian fusion”, they’re not bad. Especially since…..I don’t think I’ve ever had one of their “fusion” dishes. Most of their entrees are stuff you’d find in regular Chinese, viet, or thai places.

      Oooh, I hope you like Tron. I really enjoyed it. Confusing at times……but still not bad.

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