Let’s get lazy

Ok gang! Instead of pumping out an update to my TRs everyday, I’m going to jump back on the meme bandwagon. Time for memes! Am I the only one that hears the Tim Horton’s slogan when I read that?

My choice of 30 day meme this time is…..*drum roll* a TV meme! Not going to do this everyday, but will try. I’ve found myself on my blog, wondering what I should write about and completely ignoring the fact that I have TRs to finish.

Speaking of TRs, I’ll be going back to New York city! I should really get that TR done with but I want to focus on getting the cruise done sooner, because I didn’t keep notes for that one. My theme for this NYC trip will be a culinary adventure. Oh hey, I should rename my last NYC trip to the CityPass tour. I will get on that.

So, a little intro to this TV meme. I LOVE WATCHING TV. I’m sure everyone that has a TV could say the same. Even if you don’t actually WATCH the TV, you watch tv shows. It’s the same thing people!

As a geek, I also have the tendency to quote TV shows. Almost ALL THE TIME. I’ll only be doing Western tv shows, so no animes, J or K dramas or TV movies. Also, no animated shows because that’s just way too wide of a frame.

Day 01 – A show that should never have been canceled

Arrested Development. Lovers of this show (we’re no mere fans) will all agree that this show was gone too soon. It was incredibly well written, well cast and well directed. I can watch this show over and over and always find something new that I never noticed before. It just keeps surprising me!

Unfortunately, it was gone before its time due to bad advertising and time placement. It will never be forgotten and I regret not watching it when it was on the air.


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