Reset Day 9

Today was so far from the diet that I’ve been on. I’m not even sure I should count today as a Reset because I didn’t eat any USANA products today.

So I’m just going to toss away my usual format and go with the flow!

Even though I didn’t stick to Reset today, I felt like I was in the mindset. I went to dim sum with my mom and didn’t go on my usual dim sum binge! Honestly, I eat a LOT at dim sum. It’s not hard because every dish is so small and empty ones are always replaced with new ones and you just want a bit of EVERYTHING without paying attention to just how much you eat! I actually stopped myself from eating more once I was satiated enough. Not an easy task…

And when we were looking at dinner options, I could only think of something light and healthy. I no longer have that urge to pick up some random snack I pass by. I have a couple of Nutribars in my purse that I know I can go to if I feel a bit peckish.

I went shopping with my sis and her co-worker today and did a fair bit of walking. I’ve come to really enjoy going on long walks, now that I have better insoles. My feet don’t ache after a few hours of walking so I can last a lot longer. I also don’t feel the need to sit on ANYTHING that I can sit on. I’m perfectly ok with just standing now! Hooray to creating stamina for standing in lines, right?

I woke up this morning with a nice flat tummy….ahhhhh, it felt so good! For so many mornings, I’ve been waking up with a bump on my tummy but to wake up without one felt so good! Like I said, even though I haven’t lost much weight, to know I’ve actually lost FAT is a much better result for me.

One prime example of why weight doesn’t matter as much is my mom and I. She and I actually weighed the same in our first weigh-in but you can CLEARLY tell that I’m a lot slimmer than my mom. I think part of that might be because I’m a few inches taller than her, but bottom line is weight doesn’t always mean health or fitness. What really matters in the end is how you look and feel.


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