Reset Day 8

So…I had a bit of a scare today. I took my usual lunch Nutrimeal at noon, but then went to the gym around 3:30pm without eating a snack first. To make up for my not being very active the last few days, I pushed myself a little too hard today and ended up almost fainting. Good thing we were so close to my place and I was with my mom. She quickly grabbed a Nutribar and some apple juice for me.

I’m slightly anemic and the low-blood sugar can be very bothersome. This is far from my first time fainting. It’s happened so much that I can recognize the signs immediately and get help. I’m glad I went to the gym with my mom.

So…it’s nothing wrong with the Reset diet, but I’ve decided to speed up my “after Reset plan” and just replace one meal a day instead of all of them. I’m still going to keep up exercising every day.

30 mins on elliptical going 65-70rpm and 30 sit ups. I was planning on going on the treadmill before I started to feel faint.

Extra foods
I guess this will just document my other meals. Had some avocado rolls for dinner tonight. My family has this thing where we make a bunch of rice, buy packs of those Korean seaweed boxes and slice up some avocado. It’s extremely easy to make, the Korean seaweed snack is the right size and is more flavoured than Japanese seaweed, and it’s pretty healthy!

Feel a little off after almost fainting. But feeling good to be active. Another thing I noticed today is that my neck fat seems to be melting away! I know this may seem insignificant to some, but to not feel that fat when my head tilts back is AWESOME.

I tweeted about this earlier today, I miss the taste and texture of meat. That is all for today.


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