Reset Day 7

This day did not go as planned. In fact, I definitely failed today. I gave in…I was suffering from some horribly painful indigestion from last night’s spicy pig ears. I won’t stop eating it though. I almost want to…reset today…

Because of the horrible pains, I could barely do anything but lie on the couch and read today. Did not do any exercise at all. I took some of USANA’s Digestive Enzyme vitamins and it worked beautifully but I was still not sure if the pain would return, so opted out of going to the gym in case it does. This is actually the first time I ever took the Digestive Enzyme pills. I’ve never had trouble much trouble with my digestive system so never needed to take any. When the pain started, I had no idea what the problem could be. I could only guess it had something to do with my digestion. So after a couple hours of suffering through it, I took some of the vitamins and the pain just….subsided. It’s amazing. I reckon it can be used for nausea, heart burn, and indigestion. Who needs Pepto Bismal?

Other foods
I definitely messed up today. Only had 1 bottle of Nutrimeal. Had 3 slices of prosciutto with breadsticks and a couple of pieces of BBQ pork. Definitely cheating on my diet, but I’m in a weakened state! Also had a yummy healthy Bartlett pear.

I’m feeling a lot thinner. I’m finally noticing more of a difference in my appearance. My belly doesn’t stick out as much and my torso just feels thinner.

I’m not going to take food for granted anymore. I’m going to make better choices after this diet. I’ve decided to reserve fast food to maybe only once or twice a month, if I can help it. And unhealthy fast food too, because there ARE healthier choices out there. And frankly, I’m really scared the pains will return. It felt like my chest was being squeezed on the insides and it extended to my abdomen. I just need to take some more DE before I retire.


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