Reset Day 4

Came home late last night so wasn’t able to update.

I don’t think I talked about what else fibre does. We already know it’s a great way to detoxify our bodies, but it’s also what’s recommended most to help curb our cravings. Snacks filled with fibre is more recommended by weight-loss specialists because not only does a little fill you up, but it keeps you feeling full for longer. So when you’re feeling peckish, instead of munching on some cookies, eat an apple or an orange.

I used to take Nutrimeal for breakfast, around 9am when I had a job that started at that time. I found that I didn’t feel hungry until around 2pm. That’s the fibre working! Back in high school, I would be starving by 11:45am (lunch time).

20 mins on the elliptical, this time going at 65rpm. The last time I was going at 60rpm and it felt like a task, but staying at 65rpm felt very comfortable this time. I also did my ab and gluts regiment in the morning instead of at night cause I’m just sometimes too tired. I’ve also been working on my arms and lifting the smallest weight available at the gym.

Other foods
Not only do I love blueberries (which I ate a cup of), I also LOVE Starbucks. My drink of choice is the Iced tea. I’ve been getting it unsweetened mostly for the Reset, but I’ve come to really like it! Of course now I think of it…..I could easily make it myself….but who wants to carry that much liquid in your purse, right? I mean, I’m not going on an adventure of anything.

Extra activities
I only ran for about 20 mins, so I made up the other 10 mins by walking along Bloor St yesterday. I just love walking around the area. I didn’t go into many stores and it actually took me a while to look for the tucked-away Lululemon. But from Yonge to Avenue, it’s at least a 5-10min walk.

My legs are feeling a little tighter and my tummy hasn’t been sticking out as much. I definitely think that doing this for 10 days will turn up some nice results. Still haven’t weighed myself. I’m thinking of doing it tomorrow, after my first 5 days. I definitely feel a LOT more fit lately. I have more energy, can walk longer and stairs aren’t so bad afterall.

Best of all, I can actually see my cellulite lines just…fading. Cellulite is a big concern for me. I just HATE those lines and feel so insecure about them showing. I actually avoided wearing my shorts last summer because my cellulite was showing too much. I have 1 main product I use to reduce the look of cellulite which is the Fat Girl Slim. It’s great on its own and really smooths it out, but it DEFINITELY works better with exercise, especially running or anything to do with your legs. Ever since I started drinking Nutrimeal (last Fall), I’ve noticed a definite reduction in the look of these horrible lines. You know, in addition to exercise and some cream.

I don’t crave food, but it doesn’t mean I don’t want to eat them! My dad keeps making foods I like (so I’ve been avoiding the house around dinner) but now that I think of it, I think I just like everything he makes. I keep wanting to pick up some snacks or sneak some food in my mouth, just because it looks yummy or I KNOW it will be yummy. I mean, I’m a freaking Foodie! So not only is food just pure sustenance, it’s my way of exploring the world.

On the flip side, I really like that I have my set Nutrimeals and snack bars. I don’t have to carry extra money for food when I go out (I have a Starbucks card, duh) and I’m not tempted to just spend money on little snacks. I don’t have to wonder what to eat or what there IS to eat because I have my Nutrimeals and Nutribars! I want to keep this up for 10 days, but I’m running out of Oatmeal bars. I think eating the chocobars will be ok…I’m surprised the Peanut butter ones are more popular than the yummier choco one.


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