Reset Day 3

I’m halfway there! Kind of… It turns out my mom isn’t doing the back-to-back after all. I still want to stick to it as a 10-day plan. For the last 2 days, I’ve only been taking 2 shakes a day as opposed to 3 because I just wake up in time for lunch (lucky me), so if I keep this up, I should have enough to carry-over. We also have our own large bags of Nutrimeal to keep it up.

I think the big difference between the Reset and other weight-loss programs is the HealthPak. I mean, that’s pretty much USANA’s crown jewel already but it really is what makes Reset better. Not only does it give you great nutrition in the Nutrimeal, it gives you great vitamins for your everyday needs. The HealthPak includes multi minerals, mega antioxidants, calcium, and bioflavanoids. Like I said in yesterday’s post, it detoxes your body and also provides some great vitamins to totally revitalize your body and get it used to good nutrition. I’ve heard of some people that don’t usually eat very healthy foods and when they start taking vitamins, their body has a hard time adjusting to it.

Reset does two jobs in one where it cleanses you up, then fills you up with lots of good stuff!

Instead of my regular routine at the gym, my mom and I took a walk along the beach today because it was SO BEAUTIFUL out. I’m going to take advantage of this nice weather and just walk outside for the rest of the Reset program.

Other foods
I love blueberries. Ate another cup of it. I want to eat more, but I need to stick with it. Also drank another unsweetened iced earl grey tea from Starbucks.

Extra activities
It’s probably the Reset program, but I feel the urge to go out EVERY DAY. Normally, if I don’t have a reason, I don’t go anywhere but being on Reset makes me feel so…restless. I need to get moving! Still haven’t gotten to the Wii. I really want my mom to give it a try too.

Still feel no big diff. My tummy doesn’t feel like it’s shrinking, but it DOES look smaller in the mornings.

My dad made salmon tonight….And this morning, my sister had some leftover Popeye’s. See the salmon is enticing enough, but even though I don’t normally love fried chicken it just smelled SOOOOO good. Today I thought, “It’s already Day 3!” but then I remember I’m on a 10 day….I can’t wait to eat some Pho noodles!


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2 Responses to Reset Day 3

  1. Anndrea says:

    I’ve been lurking!

    Good luck on this :)

    The other day I was craving fried chicken – immediately booked Amanda for like some KFC thing.

    PS when do you start your new job?

    • yuki yuki says:

      Why KFC? Go for Popeye’s. Haha, we can always count on Manda for junk food.

      Training starts on Apr.2. Officially starts Apr.30. It’s actually an Ontario start-up from a company that is already in BC. It’s a pretty big company that started in the States and is now in Austrailia and UK too. Basically a company that provides customer service to governments.

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