A jewel of an adventure! Day 1

When I was coming up with titles for my PTR/TR, I chose the current one because I thought it would be clever. It actually turned out to foreshadow our trip! It was an adventure from the very beginning to the very end.

Our adventure started bright and early at…11am on a Sunday! My mom picked us up and drove us to the airport to catch our 2:55pm flight with American Airlines. Check-in went smoothly and customs was a breeze with NO PEOPLE IN LINE.

After settling in near our gate, we munched on the awesome sandwiches Anndie prepared for us and proceeded to play on our DS’s.

When it came time for us to board, we were told that there was something wrong with one of the flight attendant’s seats. They said we would need to wait for them to fix it before we could board. Ok, small delay…not a problem…

Half an hour later, we were told they needed to wait for an engineer to fix the seat…but we needn’t worry because those of us with connections would DEFINITELY make it in time.

An hour after that, we were all told that they were bringing in another plane for us to board. Will we be able to make that connection after all? We wouldn’t know, they stopped with those announcements.

Four hours after our flight was supposed to leave, we knew there was no way we were going to meet our connection in Miami. Andrew took the lead and arranged for a different route to Tampa, which left right after they printed out our boarding passes! It was in another section of the terminal. So we RAN FOR OUR LIVES to catch the flight to Chicago. We were reassured that our bags were on that plane. This is where the chaos begins.

We settled in, thinking we were going to be ok. Sure, we would arrive in Tampa at 11pm, 3 hours later than planned but that was why we decided to fly in the night BEFORE the cruise. If those delays had happened the morning of, we would definitely have missed our ship.

We connected with our flight to Tampa just fine, with a long bit of walking from the AA terminal to the United one. It felt so good to finally land in Florida! The terminal was very pretty and we were eager to pick up our bags and go. But wait….where are our bags?

Ok…so it doesn’t look like our bags made it to Tampa with us…in fact, they’re not sure where our bags are. Our delayed flight from Toronto left for Miami after all, so it might be in Miami. Or maybe it made it onto our Chicago flight, so it’s still in Chicago but didn’t board the Tampa plane with us? The United baggage lady could not figure it out. After a number of phone calls, it SEEMED AS IF our bags are now in Miami but the next plane from Miami lands the next morning at 9am.

Ok…so we’ll be able to pick up our bags just in time to board the ship…Nothing to do now but to head to our hotel for the night. We made do with our carry-ons and grabbed toothbrushes from the front desk. I’m sure we’ll have our bags…”Everything always works out in the end”, that’s my motto.

At least our room was nice and spacious! But all Hyatt Place rooms look the same.

By this time, our opinions of American Airlines had gone way down. There were so many things they did wrong.

1. Instead of ordering another plane ASAP, they waited to see if they could fix the first one.
2. After one announcement reassuring us we would make our connections, they went silent.
3. When it became obvious that those of us with connections were not going to make it, they did not make a peep.
4. They tried to delay their flight instead of just cancelling it, after delaying us for four hours
5. They lost our bags and told us they would make it with us when they clearly didn’t.

More to come in the next update.


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