A jewel of an adventure! PTR pt.6 So much to look forward to!

Ok, the moment I’ve been waiting for….what I’m looking forward to on this trip! Wow…where do I begin?

1) Traveling with my bff, Anndie is a good place to start! I have wanted to travel with her for a long time now. I was devastated when she had to cancel her trip with us to Disney World in 2010. I was so prepared and even bought her some gifts she could take with her on the trip. I know this will only be the first of many trips we take together, especially as Couple Best Friends. I can’t wait to video-document our first trip together.

2) Cruising of course! As I’ve said many times before, I’ve been itching to go on another cruise since my first one. I just couldn’t wait to go back! I love that it’s such a great combination vacation for YC and I. He can sit by the pool and do nothing, while I run around the ship and do everything! We’re also able to keep active if we want, have our own private time if we want, and eat what we want!

3) The food. That’s one part I really loved about my first cruise. Sure, there were static items on the menu, but they also had something different every night. I can’t wait to try foods I don’t normally eat because I’m usually too reluctant to spend the money. I also can’t wait to take advantage of the free room service.

4) The activities aboard the ship. From the shows we get to watch to the stuff we get to participate it, there’s going to be so much for us to do! I’m especially looking forward to going to Karaoke. Normally, it’s pretty hard for us to go to Karaoke because the boyfriends don’t want to go….but it’s kind of hard to escape the ship! Muahahahah. I’ve also heard of a Adult Scavenger Hunt game that sounds like awesome fun.

An activity that even YC is looking forward to is Rock-climbing. It’s been so many years since I’ve been on a wall, I hope I don’t get too sore.

5) Our Mexican excursions. I just found out that we’ll be visiting the ancient Mayan city of Tulum. A couple of weeks ago, I visited our museum where they had a Mayan exhibit to kind of prepare for the cruise. Ok, that’s not fully true. I’ve been wanting to visit for a while now and this just seemed like perfect timing! I learned a lot about Tulum that I have already forgotten….So I’m looking forward to re-learning on our Jungle Hike!

Our excursion in Costa Maya is another activity I’ve always wanted to do. Just seeing those ads on TV or on the internet makes me want to experience for myself. Next time, I’m going snorkeling.

6) Staying in the Hyatt hotels. I’ve only stayed at the Hyatt once, but I just fell in love. The atmosphere, the space, the service, the amenities, everything was great and it made me want to return. The only other hotel chain that has made me feel that way is The Fairmont Hotels. Those are a little too out of my price range but I swear I will stay at every one in Canada.

7) Disney World!!! I can’t wait to be back in Disney property! I’m not sure how much time we’ll get to really explore, but I’m going to see if we can fit a Boardwalk visit into it. On top of that, we have reservations at the Cape May Cafe for their dinner Clam bake which is something I really wanted to do but wasn’t sure when I would have the chance to do it. Boy, talk about run-on sentences!

Hey, that’s lucky number 7 things I’m looking forward to! Boy, I’m getting really excited now. We leave in THREE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!

The next post in this series will be the actual TR. See ya real soon!

Photo Disclaimer: All but the 1st and last photos were taken from the Internet courtesy of Google Images.


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4 Responses to A jewel of an adventure! PTR pt.6 So much to look forward to!

  1. Clinton says:

    So did you go with YC and Anndie? I hope you got her permission to publish her name right beside her photo. It’s in the public domain forever now!

    That cruise looks frickin’ awesome. I’m not sure I’d have the guts to step on Mexican soil. Seems… dangerous… But you made it back! Success!

    • yuki yuki says:

      Of course it’s ok, her name links to her blog. Plus, that’s not really her name.

      You know, it wasn’t as bad as most people picture Mexico to be. We were on strictly tourist islands, with most people on the island being tourists and cruisers. Did not encounter many locals, other than the ones in shops. Mexico has a bad rap, but these touristy places feel pretty safe. A lot of beautiful beaches.

      • Clinton says:

        I read somewhere that Mexico had more Canadian deaths last year than Afghanistan. I’m glad you and your friends weren’t one of them!

        • Yuki says:

          Thanks….I guess? I don’t think they’re actually targeting Canadians though. And besides, it’s kind of hard to tell where we come from unless we tell you.

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