A jewel of adventure! PTR pt.5 Day 7-8

Alas, we come to a close on our itinerary.

Day 7- Mar 3 Debarkation
It’ll be a bittersweet day. We’ll be leaving the ship, but our vacation won’t end there!
-eat breakfast before debarkation
-taxi to Avis Rental center to pick up rental car
-drive to Grand Hyatt Tampa to check in
-drop off our stuff and head to Tampa Aquarium
-grab a snack before heading to Downtown Disney
-late lunch at Earl of Sandwich
-shop around DtD and/or resort hop
-bus to Beach Club for dinner at 6:45pm
-head back to DtD for the car, or any last minute shopping (like buying an Earl for the next day)
-drive back to Grand Hyatt for the night

Day 8- Mar 4
Our very last day….I can’t wait for our vacation to start, but I know that just means the end will be closer….
-wake up for complimentary breakfast
-fill up the car before returning to rental center
-either taxi or shuttle to airport for flight back home
-connect in Chicago, pick up some famous Garrett’s popcorn!
-arrive home in the afternoon

Up next, what I’m looking forward to the most on this trip.


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