A jewel of an adventure! PTR pt.4 Day 5-6

Ok, let’s get this ball rolling so I can talk about what I’m most excited about!

Day 5- Mar 1 Costa Maya, Mexico
-excursion meet-up is at 7:30am, so we’ll most likely order a quick breakfast in our room before we meet up. I should remember to pack some snacks
-Glass bottom boat tour!
-ends at 10:45am
-I’ll most likely be heading back to the ship for an early lunch before going back out to explore the city. I guess this depends on how long it takes to get from the ship to the port.
-the ship leaves at 4pm
-more rock climbing most likely
-dinner at 6pm
-again, evening show and/or evening activity

Day 6- Mar 2 At Sea

Our 2nd and final day at sea before debarkation
-wake up for breakfast together
-lounge near the pool
-enjoy ship activities ie checking out the shops for discounts
-dinner at 6pm
-definitely doing something as a group tonight, reminisce about the cruise
-finish packing up to leave the ship tomorrow *sad face*

As well as enjoying what the ship has to offer, we’re also planning to bring Taboo and Munckins on the ship to play! They’re both easy to learn and can support large groups playing. We’re hoping to invite fellow shipmates into our games. The more the merrier, right?


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