A jewel of an adventure! PTR pt.3 Day 3-4

Ok, because our embarkation day is in SIX days, I figured I should really get this PTR finished.

Day 3- Feb 28 At Sea
Today will be our official first full day on the ship! Because I’m not sure what the cruise compass will say, it’s kind of hard to plan this day. Depending on what we decide at dinner the night before, we’ll either be waking up to eat breakfast together in the Windjammer to plan some activities together, or we’ll have our own separate day and meet for dinner. Here are some things that will for sure be happening.
-2pm meet and greet with CruiseCritic members in the Champagne Bar!
-rock climbing wall when it’s open (I’ve been really looking forward to this!)
-some time sunbathing on deck and/or in the Solarium
-watch the movie if it’s something we haven’t seen before
-watch the evening show or some other evening activity

Day 4- Feb 29 Cozumel, Mexico
Our first excursion day! Anndie booked us a Jungle Hike and Beach break with RCCL. I’m not sure how long each will take, but this includes a lunch so we don’t have to worry about getting back on the ship to eat. On my last cruise, we returned to the ship for lunch every day.
-eat breakfast at 8am
-meet for excursion at 9am
-excursion ends at 2:15pm
-either go back to the ship to drop our stuff off, or go shopping in port right after
-ship leaves at 6pm, so we just need to get back by 5-5:30pm to get ready for dinner at 6.
-watch evening show or other activity
I heard the deck BBQ is on this night, but we’ll be waking up early the next morning, so I don’t think we’ll be at it for too long. Don’t want to miss it though!

Yuchun and I want to work exercise into our cruise, so we’ll probably be doing that either in the afternoon or later at night. Don’t want to gain TOO many pounds on the ship right? Not after I worked so hard to take them off BEFORE the cruise!


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  1. Anndrea says:

    heard we get a “piece of shit” meal

    I am quoting my boss

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