Christmas shopping…kinda

So the day before yesterday, I did the last bit of my Christmas shopping. I say kinda because I technically only bought 2 gifts……but spent the most money on myself.

I went to the mall with a friend of mine, in search of a winter hat for him. I knew I wanted to buy lip balm because I had just run out, so a trip to The Body Shop was necessary. In the end, we were never able to find him a hat, but he DID get some Christmas shopping done, so that’s pretty good too.

On that day, The Body Shop was doing a promotion. You buy one of their red paper shopping bags for $5 and you get 50% off everything you can fit in that bag. First off, the bag isn’t a reusable type of bag, it’s just a paper bag like the kind American Eagle bags their stuff in now. It was also of a decent size. You could stuff quite a few stuff in that bag, especially considering how a lot of stuff in The Body Shop would be considered stocking stuffers.

So with this mind, I wasn’t sure if I would buy into the promotion. All I really wanted was a Hemp Lip protector (picture later). But looking around the store…..I was tempted… friend also wanted to buy some stuff for his lady friends, so we decided that I’ll buy the bag and he’ll just pay for his items in the bag.

I tried to take pictures of what I bought, but my cell phone is just not good with small letters, so might as well just grab images off the internets! Here’s my loot.

What I actually came for. Hemp Lip Protector. $8

I bought 2 of these. My lips get dry really easily. In the summer time, I use an spf lip balm. But in the winter time, the cold is even harsher on my lips, so I use this stuff. It’s definitely more intense, so I would recommend it for people that have dry and cracked lips. It works wonders. Just softens it all up. I also get cold sores, and they tend to show up on dry lips, so keeping them moisturized is so important. I have lip balm stashes everywhere. Next to my bed, in my bags, in my jackets, on my work table, just everywhere.

Shea Lip Butter. $5

A lot of the times when I make purchases here, I always get little free samples from the store. One of them was the shea lip butter. It was just a tiny little sample, but I REALLY liked it. My lips felt really smooth and soft. So in lieu of this promotion, I picked one up.

Vitamin E Facial Cleansing wipes. Pack of 40 for $14.

I’ve come to love their Vitamin E line. I already have their moisturizing cream that I use on my face, and a cleansing cream that they don’t sell anymore. It leaves my skin very smooth and soft. I have a problem with my cheeks getting dry and this cream is the only thing that has really worked for me so far. My other day creams make them soft in the morning, but by the afternoon, it gets kind of dry.

I already have the Tea Tree cleansing wipes that I love using in the summer time. Since the weather is more harsh now, a wipe that’s also moisturizing is perfect for me.

Elderflower eye gel. $10

It’s a clear gel that’s used to removes the bags under my eyes. I’ve developed these little bags under my eyes that probably only -I- see, but I can’t stand them! With the combination of my glasses that add a shadow there, it makes it a bigger problem. I’ve only started using this cream, but I’m really starting to see a difference. I use a dab of it before I sleep and when I wake up. If you get puffy eyes or bigger circles, The Body Shop has other kinds of eye cream that can help with that.

Aloe Lip Treatment. $9.50.

I bought this for my mom. She’s a big fan of aloe lip balm especially since she has a bigger cold sore problem than I do. (She DID transmit it to me….) We’ve learned that Abbreva is nice, but the main thing to get rid of cold sores is really to keep your lips nice and moisturized. The cold sore virus spreads on dry surfaces, and Abbreva actually dries it up. So what I do is, after the Abbreva turns clear on the cold sore, I liberally apply aloe lip balm (I wipe the lip balm after of course). It’s worked beautifully.

So all of that comes out to $54.50. After the promotion, it was only $27.25 plus the $5 bag, which puts the total at $36.44 after taxes. That’s a savings of almost $20! I love The Body Shop. Their discount and points collection card ‘Love Your Body’ is also a great deal. It costs $10, you get 10% off all your purchases, and on the month of your birthday, you get $10 off your purchase! It definitely pays for itself, and you collect points on your purchases, which gives you more discounts!

So, that purchase included a “gift” for my mom. I made one other gift purchase that day for my sister. My mom, sister and I are all fans of Swarovski. I have a Swarovski star pendant with a Mickey in the middle that I adore.

It basically looks like that, except instead of a circle, it’s a star.

My sister has the charm necklace.

She doesn’t have any charms to hang off it yet, so I’ve been meaning to get her one. It’s not easy choosing for her because she’s kind of picky, but I also want something she can wear everyday. She barely wears her charm necklace because she thinks it’s too fancy for everyday.

I bought her this.

It was only $32 plus tax AND they gift wrapped it for me for free! Which is very nice of them. It’s in a very pretty box right now. She better like it.

Her birthday is also coming up in January, so I’ll be getting her another charm then. They’re soo cute! You should all go to the Swarovski website and look at their charms. Friggin adorable. I want a necklace to put these charms on too.

Along with these, I also bought a Ginger Molasses cookie and a medium Iced Coffee from Tim Hortons. If you like gingerbread cookies, you’re going to REALLY LIKE this cookie. I bought me half a dozen of these cookies last night, effectively cleaning out that Tim Hortons. Muahahahah, it’s so gooood! Ok, I’m not evil, I was just spiteful because two other Tim Horton’s had sold out of them.

Amount spent: Roughly $75! Big spender indeed.


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