A jewel of an adventure! PTR pt.2- Planning Day 1-2

This is my favourite part, planning of the trip!

Because I’ll be traveling with my BFF, Anndie who is also a Super Planner, we split the planning between the two of us. And thus, the costs were also split.

I’m in charge of the cruise itself (minus excursions), car rental (insurance and gas), hotels, and our extra day in Tampa Bay after the cruise. She’s in charge of our flights, excursions, and transportation between the airport and ship. Sounds fair right?

I still need to confirm with her, but I believe we’ll be flying out of Buffalo with Southwest Airlines. It’s the only airline that has the flights we want PLUS free checked bags!

So, let’s go into more detail about our itinerary shall we? I love talking about this part of the trip. It gives me a better picture to fantasize about.

Day 1- Feb 26
-pick Anndie and Mr.S up and head across the border to the Buffalo airport (probably stop to eat something after the border)
-park Harvey(my car) in the airport Long-Term parking lot
-fly to Tampa on afternoon flight
-arrive in Tampa in the early evening
-free shuttle to our hotel, Hyatt Tampa Airport/Westshore. We’ll be sharing a room we booked with YuChun’s Hyatt points!

Hyatt has a great loyalty program. If you can afford to stay there on your travels, I would highly recommend it. If your work pays for your business travels, book Hyatt and get the points. Their program is called the Hyatt Gold Passport. http://www.hyatt.com/gp/en/index.jsp?language=en

-check in and probably find dinner
-re-arrange my suitcase and carry-on for embarkation
-rest up for the next day

Day 2- Feb 27 Embarkation
-either wake up for the complimentary breakfast or sleep in a little later (I will probably be doing the former while A. does the latter)
-check out and take free shuttle back to airport
-board bus that takes us to the cruise terminal. Anndie will build on this in her blog.
-check in for our cruise. I still need to ask about how long that will take. I can fuzzily remember what it was like last time and it went pretty smoothly.
-take a look around the ship if we’re not hungry yet. This part is going to get me SO EXCITED. I can already feel it building up inside me.
-have lunch at the Windjammer Cafe
-separate and look around some more. Will most likely see each other again when our rooms are ready, because we’re right next to each other! =D
-attend the safety drill
-meet with Cruise Critic members? No time has been decided
-attend Sail Away party and wave to the people at the terminal!
-check out rock climbing wall
-get ready for dinner at 6pm in the main dining room. I’m really looking forward to this. I love being able to have different foods every night and having as much as I want!
-separate to our rooms after dinner probably. Unless there’s a show we’re interested in
-at this point, I’m not sure if Anndie is interested, but I plan to go to the Adults Only “Finish that lyric” game in the Safari Club
-retire for the night

And those are my plans for the first 2 days of our vacay!

Southwest Airlines
I believe I’m the only one of our group who has flown with them before. It was on connecting flights from JFK to SLC. I really enjoyed my experience with them. The service was wonderful and the attendants were very nice and funny.

One thing I didn’t know to expect was the boarding procedure. I’ve flown with many different airlines before so I didn’t expect this one to be any different, but it was. Southwest does not assign you seats. In fact, it’s very much a first-come first-serve kind of deal where if you pay more, you get to choose first. I was flying by myself so it wasn’t that bad, but now that I’ll be flying with a group, I realize that we may be separated on the flight. I don’t think Anndie would pay extra for a better chance at getting good seats.

Sorry for not telling you Anndie, if you really don’t like that. The people on the flights I was on was very nice and a few of them moved if couples or groups wanted to sit next to each other, like on a bus. Also, we’ll be flying out of BUF, which is a very small airport to begin with, so we may have better choice of seats after all. Here’s the heads up!

It actually works in categories. They have groups A-C (or more on larger flights). Group A lines up according to the numbers on their boarding pass. For example, if you have A25, you need to line up behind people with A21-24. Then you board the plane in that order and choose your seats.

Here’s hoping we get to stay together! Good thing we’ll be on direct flights.


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3 Responses to A jewel of an adventure! PTR pt.2- Planning Day 1-2

  1. Anndrea says:

    You gotta update this :P

    Valentine idea: A book with the alphabet and each letter spells out an event you’ve done or something special that you share together. (includes pics of course)

    Trump tower officially opens tomorrow.

    I bought the pirate stuff at Essence du Papier http://essencedupapier.com/products/accents/party/

  2. Clinton says:

    I really don’t think general seating is a good idea anywhere…. on a plane it’s even worse. I’d totally smack anybody that tried to take my seat.

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