My first taste of BB Cream

I’ve gone and done it. After hearing some of my friends discuss it in our many chain emails, I’ve gone and picked up a tube.

I mean, I heard it was a popular Korean cream that actually helps improve your skin tone. I wasn’t big on it because they were all talking about ordering it online and I’d rather try out beauty products before ordering them online, not knowing that this cream is widely available in Toronto!

As a VIB of Sephora, I was alerted to the arrival of the Smashbox BB cream, which piqued my interest in trying it out. Unfortunately due to its popularity, it was impossible to find a trial product in stores. You know the adage, “You don’t know what you’re missing until it’s gone?” Well, this is how I felt. I tried so hard to look for it that it became something I just HAD to have.

I went to the most reliable retail location for such Asian beauty products, Pacific Mall. Before even setting out to get this, I did my own research to see which products I should try out first. Missha is what stood out to me when I went in a store and was able to get a box for $25 no tax! Ahh, such is the norm in good ol’ P-mall.

Enough about my search, let’s talk about my experience. I bought No.21, the light beige tint. According to the saleslady (obviously very good) it was the most popular shade since Chinese people prefer whiter skin.

My verdict? I really like it as a primer. It reminds me a lot of another tinted moisturizer I used to use, the Neutrogena Healthy Defense with SPF30, which unfortunately does not make tinted ones anymore. Just a little bit of the cream could cover my whole face, which is something I really like because it means it’ll last forever. After applying it, my face feel so nice and my skin tone is much smoother.

Because it’s tinted, it means I don’t need to put as much powder on to create a more even skin tone. This might even replace my TBS Vitamin E cream as a daily primer. It also doubles as a pore minimizer. Not as miraculous or matte as Benefit’s Porefessional, but good for what it is.

The only downside that it smells awful. It kind of smells like….burnt hair….or heavily-colour-damaged hair. The kind of smell you get in a salon that’s not very clean *coughmostAsiansalonscough*. It’s really bad and stays with you all day. It’s very easy to cover up with a spritz of perfume so I’m not dumping the product completely. Just make sure it’s a perfume that lasts. My favourite is the Harajuku lovers line. My Daisy by Marc Jacobs is pretty weak and fades too fast.

So if you’ve been wondering if you should try it out, I would recommend it. Especially if you are able to easily get to an Asian mall. An added plus is that it’s usually a sunscreen as well. For $25, I’ve got this giant tube of cream that will probably last me a few years. Always be sure to test it out on your own skin if you’re looking for a tinted one. Happy Shopping!


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