Onwards and forward

I’m already looking at new jobs and am going to start applying to them soon.

In awesome news, I’m done my Walt Disney World 2010 trip report!

You can get to the content page with this link. The page leads you to a whole post of links that lead you to all the chapters in my TR. Maybe I should put links to the “next chapter” in each chapter….so it’s easier for people…I’ll think about it. In the meantime, enjoy!


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  1. Anndrea says:

    At work so not sure if I should be browsing your TR – maybe when I get home on the ipad or something.

    Anyway, I looked up job opportunities for you within the bank. Nothing you’d be interested in… I’ll keep an eye out if there’s an opening in the event management sector though. Meeting with one of them today (working on our roadshow this april). Good luck with getting a new job. You were on the right track – you have everything ready/prepared… just keep doing what you were doing before you got this job.

    I’ve been in a situation where it was also a commission based job… and I quit ASAP. Sometimes postings can be misleading or they don’t tell you everything… I don’t know. Actually not sure if I told you but I got a job as a tutor … the parent tried to get me to be paid directly under her and not through the agency… she was going to pay me the same amount but it seemed less legitimate. WTF. I quit that ASAP – I hated having to go to another location etc etc.

    Once again good luck.

    You going to the paintball thing with ur sister?

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