20 things in 2011 I’m thankful for

As our year comes to a close, it’s good to look back and really appreciate the good that happened.

This is actually an exercise my boss suggested to us during our team meeting. So, with no particular order, here are 20 things I’m thankful for this year.

1. That I’m still with YuChun. I mean, with all the stuff that happens with his dad and stuff with my family, I’m very thankful that we’re still together and very happy.

2. My friendship with Anndie. Last year was a shaky year for us but this year was just awesome. We spent a lot of time together and I just loved our double dates with the guys playing video games and us doing our nails, haha.

3. Graduating from SDS with my Psych minor. My grades wasn’t where they needed to be and I was very close to not getting that degree. More than being scared of losing my SDS degree, I was more upset at the thought of losing my Psych minor. I had worked hard for that one. It was such a great relief when I found out I would be getting my minor, I almost cried. I worked really hard this summer to make that happen. I couldn’t believe the impact of it until the day I graduated, when I saw my name in the program with (SDS, Psych minor) next to it. I’m truly thankful for that.

4. Going to New York with YC. It’s been something I’ve been wanting to do for so long. We had such an incredible time and I’m so thankful for being able to travel as much as I do. It was a short trip, but we made the most of it and made awesome memories.

5. My clothes. Yes, I’m thankful that I have such pretty clothes. Especially thankful for my beautiful summer dresses that make my figure look so good.

6. Finishing my WDW scrapbook! I love how it turned out and am so happy that I have something like that to show people.

7. This beautiful home that I’m in right now. It was very hectic and took forever for us to agree on the same designs but seeing it all done now, I’m very happy with it. A lot of things in our house is custom built because of the smaller space we had to work with. I’m thankful we were able to do that.

8. My sister’s surgery going well. Sure the risk isn’t that high, but it could’ve been worse.

9. USANA. Actually being introduced to it all. I can really say my health has been improved and I love that it opened me to a new world of people to meet. I love meeting new people.

10. My family. Sound cheesy, but I’m happy we’re all together. It won’t last because my parents will be leaving for China in 2 months.

11. As an extension, I’m very thankful for my parents. Being back at home isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I don’t have to worry about money or what to eat or a whole host of other things. Sure I love living by myself, but moving back home has been pretty nice.

12. Getting a job! Yeah it’s not what I wanted, but at least I’m employed.

13. My android smartphone, Tater Tot. I admit it Anndie, it was a good idea. My favourite thing about it is google.

14. This summer. Last year’s summer lasted for about a week. This year, we had a nice LONG and HOT summer. It was pure bliss. I want that kind of weather all the time. I will never complain about it.

15. My nails. I’m starting to love my nails and making it look pretty. I also love my OPI.

16. All the time I spent at IKEA. I love IKEA. I would live there if I could. All that order and organization! *faints*

17. All the time I was able to spend with my high school friends. While we were in University, we had a hard time getting together. But now that we’re all in the same city, we’ve been able to see each other more which meant lots of awesome times together!

18. Anndie. Yeah, I’m thankful for you my dear BFF. You make life brighter and more fun. Thank you for all those parties you organized for us and the dinners you planned. You’re the best.

19. My Disney friends. I was finally able to meet with some of them that live closer to me and I just love how close we are because of the DIS.

20. Jeff Rubin. Thanks to him, we were able to know about Scott’s Pizza tour and had the time of our lives! That tour was our favourite part of the trip.


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6 Responses to 20 things in 2011 I’m thankful for

  1. Anndrea says:

    Aw <3

    Glad you're back home and done school too!

    Like you said in your other post, there's lots of room for advancement in your company :)

    How did your dad like uncharted?

    • yuki yuki says:

      He couldn’t get used to the controls. He was very confused by it and just didn’t get the hang of it, so he gave up.

      I don’t like it either. I like my first person view

  2. K-Al says:

    Hope the positive outlook extends to 2012~ XD

  3. Machiko says:


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