Meri Kurisumasu~

Paying homage to my first obsession, Anime.

Hoping all those that celebrate Christmas a very Merry and Happy Christmas!

Ok, I’ve been long overdue with an update about my work. One thing you gotta know, it’s DEAD TIRING.

So basically what I have been doing all day is stand by a table where I’ve set up the products I’m selling all pretty like, then flag people down to my table so I can tell them about the toy drive I’m doing, then try my very best to get them to buy some toys to either donate or take home so the charity we represent can get money.

In the mornings before we head out to our locations (can be different every day, always inside a store), we learn a bunch of new skills to improve ourselves so we can sell better. I’m learning a lot about business and about dealing with people.

Maybe because I’m a positive type of person, I assumed most people either liked the idea of giving to charity or at least wanted to seem like they cared. What I’ve learned is that….they don’t. The majority of everyday people don’t care and am not afraid to show it. I’ve seen TONS of parents with their children around, laugh and walk away when I tell them I’m there for underprivileged children. I’ve also seen a lot of parents discourage their children when I ask them if they’d like to help a needy kid out. Like seriously, the parent would go, “No no, let’s go. We don’t want to help.”

9 out of 10 people/groups walk away. Pretty disheartening. That pretty much means I get rejected most of the day.

But then there are the wonderful people that totally renew my faith in humanity. Those that are not only willing to help out, but are willing to give more than we ask for. I get to see about a dozen of those people every day so my spirits aren’t completely crushed.

So, that’s what I’ve been up to. Asking people for money for charity. One thing that’s different about us and other such groups are that we’re only asking for a one-time contribution, unlike organizations like World Vision, Save the Children or Red Cross where they ask you for a continuous donation. I think because of the prevalence of those groups that are actually even more persistent, people think that’s what we’re trying to do, so they don’t want to be dragged in. I find a lot of people have commitment issues, especially when it comes to charity.

Well, I’m not here to complain about my job or people in general. Just want to give y’all an idea of what I do. So if you see me in a store, come by and buy something to support my charity! And me of course, because this is a commission-only job…

Oh yeah, one last thing. The reason why I’m actually choosing to stay with this company even though my pay check changes from week to week is because they offer very fast upward mobility. I’m hoping to get to an assistant or even managerial position very quick so I can get that experience. Most of the jobs that are actually in my field are looking for managers. This is definitely a great stepping stone. I’m also learning a lot about how to deal with people. Lots of pluses!

Ok y’all, be safe out there during your boxing week adventures! I’ll try to brave some of it after work. Best time to buy some gifts!


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