It’s starting

It’s now 12:35am and I’ll be waking up around 8am tomorrow, but I figure now is the best time to blog about this.

My job search has been going pretty well. So far, I’ve sent out about…6 resumes and have gotten 2 interviews out of it! I might start a mini-series about my job search, because I’ve learned a LOT in a very short amount of time.

I’m pretty excited because I got an interview for the job I really wanted and I’ve been asked to come back for a 2nd interview!

This isn’t much of a blog post as it is a journal. My 2nd interview is in 2 days so I did some shopping today for more work-appropriate clothes because seriously, I don’t have any. Working at the University library, I could wear whatever I want and my supervisor never judged and never spoke to me about it. I mean, I’m not scandalous, but I’m a pretty quirky dresser. Always cute of course. So….I never had to buy “work” clothes until now and I’m having a hard time! Why are there so many shirts with no collars??

I’m also having the worst time shoe shopping. I hate shoe shopping. I avoid it if I can. I only ever buy it if the brand has rave reviews and there’s something awesome about them, like how INCREDIBLY comfortable Sanuk‘s are! Here‘s my impression of them. So I don’t normally shop at regular shoe stores. I have pretty high expectations when I’m shopping for a specific purpose and it’s just SO HARD for normal shoe stores to fill them, but they’re the only ones that can because they have the variety of styles! Argh, I went into 5 stores today and tried on dozens of pairs and still came home empty handed. 3-inch heels need to be more popular.

Moving back in isn’t as horrible as I imagined, but I may just be glossing over the bad because I’m generally happy. The basement isn’t as cold when I have 4 blankets on me. I’m getting a good workout every night because I have to go upstairs every time I need to relieve myself. That happens more often than I would like. I should get that checked…

Another thing I’m excited about is I finally have all the documents I need to get my official name change. I just need to finish this as soon as possible so I can renew my passport with it just in time for my cruise at the end of next Feb. Hooray!

Ok, I need to get to bed. Check y’all latah~


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2 Responses to It’s starting

  1. Anndrea says:

    No washroom in the basement?

    Um I have that problem too but only if I drink water excessively OR when I’m like about to have my period, I just get the urge to pee. LOL.

    Good luck on the job hunt.

    • Yuki says:

      No, no bathroom. It’s a pretty small space. You’ll see when I invite you guys over.

      And yeah, I have a very weak bladder. I try not to eat or drink after 9-10pm or I’ll be up at least 3 times.

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