Disney meme Day 25-26

Day #25: Your favorite scene from your favorite movie
Day #26: Saddest death

Yes, we’re finally close to the end! Please excuse my absence for the past couple of days. To be honest, I was just lazy. I’ve also been busy sending out resumes and writing cover letters! *fingers crossed*

25. What’s my favourite scene in Aladdin? Hm……Probably right after Genie does his “Friend like me” and he lies on his side with an “applause” sign above him that’s flashing and Carpet is clapping. Hahahaha, Love that scene! It’s just so hilarious and really shows you Genie’s character which is a parody guy and Aladdin’s all like, “I’m too ancient to know what he means”. Genie is AWESOME. And so is Robin Williams.

26. Ok, most people would say Bambi’s mom. I’m not a big fan of Bambi so that’s not MY answer. I feel like answering this question is considered a spoiler unless it isn’t. Ok…I feel like the only other death that I HAVEN’T mentioned yet that I also cried at was when Ray, the Cajun Firefly from Princess and the Frog got squashed on. He’s probably the only bug I’ve ever cried for. His death was sad, but it created a very beautiful moment after that I really loved.


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