A new chapter

I think I’ve come to the end of one chapter in my life. I’m all done with school (for now). I’ll be moving all my stuff back to Toronto from Waterloo this weekend. The rest of my family is all moved in to our new permanent address. It feels like an end.

Which means, a new beginning is starting! I wonder….is there such a thing as an intermission between chapters? Wait….if I’m doing plays, then it’s not chapters….it would be acts….I want my new chapter to begin with me starting at my new job, but if that’s the case, it might be a long intermission.

Ok, I’ve made up my mind. This new chapter starts as soon as I move back in with my family. Oh lawdy….Back in with my family… It’s going to be a bumpy start. I was really hoping this day wouldn’t come so soon, but as I’m unemployed and have student debt to pay off, I really couldn’t live on my own much longer. It just doesn’t make any financial sense.

I also see this point as the beginning of new adventures. I’ll be traveling to another country with my bff, Anndie for the first time ever next February, I’ll be getting serious about scrapbooking because I bought all those supplies, and I need to start buying “work appropriate” clothing. All new adventures!

I really do have a bad habit of losing my point when I’m writing, don’t I?

So, I’ll be starting a new meme. I haven’t decided which. I have a bunch saved up since before the Disney meme. Will I choose my movie meme or a more serious and personal meme? I also have not completed that photo meme! No promises on that one.

I swear I will get back to my NYC trip report. I have a review of the pizza tour I took that I’m itching to get up. I have also been ignoring my Disney trip report….Well, after I’m all moved in, I’ll get right on that!

So fear not dear readers, more will come!


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3 Responses to A new chapter

  1. Anndrea says:

    One thing I hate about this layout is that I have to click on the blog post before I can comment. Anyway, yay for moving to Toronto but lol good luck with living with family. :)
    Looking forward to your posts!

    • yuki yuki says:

      Me too! And I have to go to my site admin if I want to edit a post.

      Still looking for another layout where I can change the banner and where I can post my pictures up. Also still looking for one that has each post with an icon and then a blurb instead of the whole post.

      Yeah…not looking forward to moving back in with the family. I’m too used to living on my own!!!

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