Disney meme Day 21-22

Day #21: An overrated movie
Day #22: An underrated movie

Ok, since I’ve been shirking my blogging duties lately (not really, I’ve just been super busy with moving but I don’t like giving excuses), I’ve decided to do these next few memes in pairs, since they go together anyways.

21. The Lion King. Remember this is all my own opinion, so please no flames. It’s the best selling animated film of all time and it’s really great and everything, but I think the hype is a little too high. Although yes, I was one of those that HAD to watch the Lion King when it came back in theaters for only 2 weeks. The whole 3D thing pretty much sucked real hard. Most of the movie wasn’t in 3D and this movie is a classic 2D movie! I’m sure they didn’t need the 3D just to get kids of today to go watch it. Seriously Disney, not the best idea.

Besides that, as good as this movie is, I just don’t think it’s as AMAZING as most people make it out to be. I mean, for a lot of
people it’s their favourite movie, but…..it just doesn’t speak to me as much. It’s not a movie I can watch over and over. Once in….over 5 years maybe.

22. The Fox and the Hound. I’m probably biased on this choice because it was one of the few VHS movies we owned, but I’m serious about this! Most people don’t even know about this movie. It was probably one of the most heartwarming Disney animated films ever. It’s such a beautiful story about friendship and natural animal instincts. I hope more people watch this movie. It makes me cry every time.


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