Disney meme Day 19

Day #19: Your least favorite Pixar film

Yay, I was able to sync the days! Yes, that’s the reason why I didn’t post yesterday. This stuff matters to me!

Ok, I had to think long and hard about this answer. Which Pixar movie do I love the least? There isn’t even that many films to choose from!

Ok…..If I really had to choose….I would say Cars. I love Mater and all, but the film just doesn’t click as well with me. It’s sweet but not terribly heart warming. It really just feels like Disney REALLY needed toys for boys and John Lasseter went, “Well, we’ve got this idea about cars….”

I even love A Bug’s Life because they’re too cute to be real insects and The Incredibles because the whole family dynamic is SO SWEET.

So yeah, I guess Cars will have to be it. In fact, Cars 2 is not far behind there. Sure it was a Mater-focused movie (which makes it awesome) but there just wasn’t enough substance. I DO like the twist. It was hard to see it coming but still a pretty generic plot in the end.


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