Disney meme Day 18

Day #18: Your favorite Pixar film

How can I choose???? I mean, most of the films that have come out in the last….5(?) years have all won Oscars. There isn’t one film I’m particularly attached to…..ok, that’s not true.

WALL-E. Yeah, LOVE THAT MOVIE. And long before the movie even came out. I mean, Disney did such a great job with the build-up for that movie. Promotions started a year before it came out, with lots of little vignettes from the movie and extra little clips too. It’s not hard to love Wall-E after watching those. He’s just so darn adorable!

Reminds me a lot of how they promoted Lilo and Stitch. They had all those little sketches of Stitch crashing other movies. How can you not love him?

Back to Wall-E. Many people have noted that it’s a commentary on modern society but really, Andrew Stanton and Pete Doctor just thought it would be a good story to tell. It’s a story that starts off with YEARS after a post-apocalyptic world, but it’s not all that sad. Well, seeing Wall-E all alone is sad, but the world looks pretty ok.

The whole story of Wall-E and Eve is just so sweet. It’s a beautiful love story told without words! I also LOVE the ending. It’s definitely a beautiful ending done Pixar style.

Other favourites include Finding Nemo and Monsters INC. I don’t think I need to include Toy Story1-3 in my list because OBVIOUSLY I love them. I love all the films, seriously. Including the shorts. Pixar rules.


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2 Responses to Disney meme Day 18

  1. Clinton says:

    The best part of the movie was the first half when there was almost no speaking. It was just so fantastic to watch Wall-E try to get by.

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