Life is good (and an unintentional Occupy rant)

Sure, life isn’t perfect right now. I still have goals to achieve and tasks to accomplish but right now, I’m quite content with life.

I’m in a very happy relationship. That’s probably the one word I would use to describe it. It’s happy. A lot of people like to ask about us. I think it’s another way of asking me, “Are you still together?” We get that a lot too, that we’re “still” together. I guess it’s not as common for people our age at this time, is it?

When people ask, I can’t help but say, “We’re happy. I’m happy. It’s all good.” It really is. We haven’t had a big fight in a while. We still have fun every time we see each other, as often as that is right now. Life is good. (Hey, that’s the name of this post!)

I’m not bragging about how my life is better or anything. I’m just relishing the feeling that everything is going well for a moment. No major worries or concerns on my mind to keep me up at night. No nagging feeling of urgency that I can’t shake. All I am is sitting at home, on my laptop and I’m good with this.

I’m sure this is just the calm before the storm. My family will be moving in 2 weeks, I’ll need to move from Waterloo back to Toronto after that and my mom is closing down her store for good. That’s a lot of packing and re-organizing but I’m pretty good with that. I would be more concerned about my family trying to work together in this whole ordeal. My mom and I are very alike in that we’re both leader-types that give out orders.

I still have that job to find and need to get more associates signed up for USANA. I wish I could get people to see that I’m not trying to sell them something they don’t need, I just want to make everyone healthier. I’m not easily brainwashed (but I CAN be a consumer whore) and I’m not the type to be motivated by money to do something. My friends know me better than that so I need other people to see that too. I’m always about helping people getting the best help there is. Haha, I guess that’s why I’m in social services.

My health is also good. It’s hard to convey how good it feels to be able to get over a cold or flu or fever in less than 2 days. All my life, as soon as I’m hit with illness, even with prescribed medicine, it’ll still take a week for me to recover. I just got really tired of being sick. With my USANA vitamins, without taking any medicine, I’m better in less than 2 days! I was struck with a sudden fever 2 days ago but I got well enough last night to go out to see a movie! (Puss in Boots)

So yeah, life is good. I’m young. I’m healthy. I’m able-bodied. I have a home, a loving family, a fun romantic relationship and the best friends ever. I mean, I can’t even complain about my student debt and my unemployment because all this takes time which is why I wish the Occupy *city* people would just shut up already. Instead of representing the 98% of the 99% of people that have a home and a job, why not fight for the 2% of the 99% that are homeless and jobless? That percentage is growing every year and the MIDDLE CLASS are complaining about THEIR problems, camping out in the city when they have real homes to return to??? It’s an insult to the lower class.

Wow, how did that turn into a rant? Well, besides all that, life is good.


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