Disney meme Day 17

Day #17: Your least favorite classic

You would think that the classics I’m afraid of would be my least favourites, but they’re not. Hm…..what’s a classic movie that I don’t love?

Ok, I had to look up a list of classics to get this answer. 101 Dalmatians. Maybe I’m just not that into dog movies (like the Buddies serial) but this movie just doesn’t click for me.

I mean yes, they had a real nasty villain that is worth admiring, but…who are the heroes? The horse? The other animals that helped the dogs? Certainly not the humans.

And then in the end, even though MOST of those puppies were stolen from other families, the main couple KEPT THEM. What is up with that??? Why ASSUME your dog gave birth to 101 puppies when you only saw about a dozen or a little more and not actually try to find out where all those other puppies came from? The crooks visited more than one house for those puppies.

I just….just don’t like this movie.


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2 Responses to Disney meme Day 17

  1. Anndrea says:

    To make it worse, isn’t there like a sequel!
    I dislike dog movies too… not because I don’t like dogs or anything. Just talking pets…

    More talking toys movies please… a DUFFY MOVIE. Voiced by Mr.S~ Lol…

    • yuki yuki says:

      Haha, yes that should be a movie. I would support that.

      I don’t dislike dogs either. In fact, I love Dug as you know, but 101 dalmatians….then the live action…then the sequels….Obviously a desperate grab at more young male viewers. Like Cars 2.

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