Disney meme Day 15

Day #15: The first movie you saw

Ok….this is probably the hardest because I just can’t recall what the first Disney movie I ever saw was! I guess I’ll have to think back to the classics and the oldest one would be the first one I saw, right?

But most of the classics, I saw when they came out on VHS. At someone else’s house because we didn’t go to the theatres, nor did we own most of those classics.

Hm………….I would say Snow White….but then….when did I watch Dumbo and Pinocchio? I think it’s a contest between those three. I don’t think I was old enough to watch Snow White when it came out…..actually, I’m not old enough to watch MOST of these classics when it came out.

In that case….I’ll just go with Snow White, cause I’m a girl and whoever house I went to would have assumed I wanted to watch a princess movie.

I do see that “The Rescuers Down Under came out in 1990.” There could be a good chance THAT was the first movie I ever saw because we actually owned the VHS! That was a great movie.

In other news, I’ve started on a new scrapbook. I wonder if I should take pictures of my WDW 2010 scrapbook and post them up here. I AM really proud of it.

I’m working on my NYC 2011 scrapbook. Meanwhile, I’m already collecting photos for another scrapbook that actually has a deadline. My parents will be moving back to China in March, so I thought it would be a great idea to create a family scrapbook with all our photos and our cousins for them to bring back and show the relatives on that side of the planet.

I’ve gone scrapbook crazy!! It’s really such a great hobby for me. I LOVE crafts. Arts and crafts is just so much fun and I love decorating and forming something with my hands. On top of that, scrapbooking requires PLANNING. You have to plan each page and what goes on it and what stuff to buy and keep your materials organized. I get real excited thinking of how to complete it and where to place everything.

Also, with the advent of the digital cameras, we are no longer limited to a certain number of photos we can take, so now I have to carefully choose the photos that are worth developing for my scrapbook from the HUNDREDS of photos I take for every little thing. Yes, lots of planning indeed.

I wonder if I should just create a scrapbooking category…yes, I should.


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