Let’s all go to the Market! (picture heavy)

Ok, I just want to start off by saying, IT’S SO FRICKIN COLD HERE! It’s been snowing and snowing and snowing……Totally brrr.

So, this morning (ie, earlier today) my housemate and I set off for the St. Jacob’s Farmers Market in Waterloo. I’m putting this under the “On the road again” category cause even though it’s actually really close to where I live, it’s a totally new part of the city that I’ve never been. It took us about 10 minutes to drive there by car.

What was my objective? Pretzel bread. The Canada pavilion at Epcot in Walt Disney World has a restaurant that serves a pretzel bread that many people love. I learned recently that they could’ve been made by the Mennonite women in this area, on the Disboards. So I promised everyone that I would check it out and report back to them.

All the photos are taken by my super old Samsung slide phone. It’s so old, Virgin doesn’t even have it on their website anymore.

Here’s the front entrance to a couple of buildings that make up the Market.

Here are some stalls that line the outside of the building. It’s pretty empty out here cause it’s SO COLD.

Ahh, the inside that’s only slightly warmer. Still had to keep my gloves on.

After just a bit of walking, I found what I was looking for! I bought two of the pretzel sticks.

Mmmm, I couldn’t wait to try it!

Um…..it wasn’t that good….It was definitely way too salty. I tried to brush some salt off, but it seemed as if some of it was….melted onto the pretzel…….too salty. Pretty disappointing because I love pretzels.

So, after having a bite or two, we continued to look around. Look at these adorable chocolates!

And the chocolate on these pretzel sticks are shaped like stuff! The one I’m holding is a bear I believe.

This place had jars of preserved stuff, and they made chili jelly!

We made it to the “food court” in this building. My housemate recommended the apple fritter from this place.

I like apple fritters so I bought one to try. It was 90cents.

Nummy! It was practically melting on the inside. Very very very good and gooey and hot and chewy(when it gets a little colder). I’ll definitely be coming back for more. I hear it’s delish with ice cream.

I also decided to pick up some dinner for work later tonight, and I chose this place.

I bought a roast beef sammich with caramlized onions. MMMmmmm. It was $4.

The meat was very well flavoured, I didn’t need to put any condiments on it. The bottom bun was being soaked by the juices! So I put a napkin underneath to soak some of it up.

Here’s my housemate Caroline!

And here I am across from her.

After we sat, waiting for her to finish her fritter, we went to explore some more. Look at all this yummy meat!! (avert your eyes if you’re vegetarian or vegan)

I then saw this bakery that had a lot of yummy looking sweets.

I bought a cream horn for $1.50.

I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks nummy.

Before heading to the upstairs of the building, I bought a bag of roasted pumpkin seeds for $3 from this nice old man.

Here’s a view of the upstairs. Not a lot to see.

I found these adorable stir sticks! Stars are my favourite shape.

Here are some views of downstairs from upstairs. I think it looks pretty nice.

They even had a little Santa up here!

We headed out to another building. Because the Farmers Market has a lot of Mennonites, there’s “parking” for their carriages.

I think it’s so cool!

Here are some more yummy looking desserts. Maybe one day I’ll come back to try one or two.

Because it was cold and not much else was open, we decided to head home. Overall, I’m glad I finally got to come here and see it. I hear people on campus talk about it a lot. I’ll definitely be coming back.

Amount spent today: $10.90


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6 Responses to Let’s all go to the Market! (picture heavy)

  1. A says:

    OOH that sounds like an interesting place to go to.
    And yeah pretzels tend to get so salty – like the one in Disney, picked off all the salt and it was so nummy afterwards.

    You should come down and visit the St.Lawrence Market if you haven’t already
    Mr.S is allergic though and I feel claustrophobic
    That one seems more .. spaceous?
    Maybe cause we went on a weekend…. ah well

    • yuki yuki says:

      I’ve never been to St.Lawrence. Maybe going on a weekday would be better? But it’s really popular.

      This one was kind of cramped a bit. It’s a really small place. Plus, it’s winter and a weekday, so was pretty empty.

      Yeah, the ones at Disney were very good. Especially with mustard. OH, I can has my pretzel with Gulden’s mustard! Yayness!

  2. A says:

    PS, people like looking at pictures more than reading blogs rofl
    in case you ever feel like youre posting too much pics, theres never too much

    • yuki yuki says:

      Yaaay! Ok

      I like it when blogs have a good mix of both. Interesting writing and pictures to describe their experiences. I’ve gotten really into taking pictures of just…..anything interesting I see. I think I should get a digicam.

  3. Terin says:

    OMG! Food overload!! I love pretzels and fritters.

    It was a pretty cold week here in SC. No snow or anything (but that’s expected) but it was way below freezing.

    I love the amount of pictures in your blog. Very nice touch.

    • yuki yuki says:

      Yeah, pretzels and fritters are soo good! Too bad it isn’t easy to get good ones up here.

      Climates everywhere seem to be getting colder and colder!

      And thanks about the pictures! I’m so used to picture blogging my experiences over at the Disboards. I guess everybody likes to look at pictures!

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