Disney meme Day 1

Ok, so it’s actually pretty hard to find a good 10 day meme and the 15 day ones I found didn’t really appeal to me. So I’ve decided to do this 30 Day Disney one! I actually chose this one because it included stuff for the theme parks too!

So here we go, Day #1: Your favorite character

Hm…this is a toughie. My favourite non-humanoid character is Stitch. I adore the movie, Lilo and Stitch and there is just something about that blue alien experiment that really speaks to me. I mean…that part in the movie of him reading The Ugly Duckling book…I cry every time. He’s just so…heart warming and lovable and SO loyal.

My favourite humanoid character is Tinkerbell. I just LOVE her spunk and her tenacity! And thanks to the new Fairies series, we get to know even more about her. Sure, most people hate her because she has attitude in the movie, but she’s just trying to win Peter Pan. She never meant any harm and just wants to have her love returned, the poor thing. I love her creativity and how unperfect she is compared to the other female characters of her generation.


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