NYC 2011-A CityPass tour: Day 1 pt.3

At this point, I just want to say that I learned my lesson from our Montreal trip and took a LOT MORE photos of the two of us together. I think YC mastered it during our zoo trip! I’m still wondering if I should put all those up for y’all… Ok, back to the report.

After I got what I came for from the Disney Store, we ran into Toys’R'Us because it had started to pour. The forecast was for rain on our 2nd day, but it turned out today was the rainy day and we had beautiful weather the rest of our trip. I was still unhappy because I had left my rain jacket in the room, not knowing it would rain that night.

The Times Square store is IMPRESSIVE! It’s incredible! I mean, it was more of a tourist destination than a store. They had a working Ferris wheel.

And also a giant Wonka store.

It was 3 levels of pure fun. We just walked around, taking pictures of the displays.

We couldn’t see it from this angle, but Superman is actually holding up the truck.

This dinosaur moved and roared (growled) and everything!

We took a video of it too, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

I took this picture because I LOVE PEZ. I would collect them if I had money to throw away.

So, I stood on the other side of the aisle to take the picture, and while I was checking my camera to see if the photo turned out alright, some teenagers came by and picked him up, thinking he was for sale! They were like, “Aww look, a teddy bear!”. We quickly ran to them and grabbed him back saying, “Sorry, but this is mine.”. Haha, they looked so embarrassed. I mean, if it looks like it doesn’t belong and there are people taking a picture of it….maybe it doesn’t belong to the store.

I found this very clever.

We also took a quick dip into Sephora because I knew the products would be cheaper over here. I really like their BLISS spa line but it’s so overpriced in Canada! While I was shopping and found the lotion I was looking for, YC took this.

Who wants to smell like Bieber? The other day, I saw Bieber trading cards. Seriously, this is getting out of hand. Why can’t those other young boys get popular enough to steal his fans so we don’t get ridiculous stuff like Bieber perfume??? Also, does he even KNOW about all these products or is he only really along for the money and gives up all rights to his agency? What teenage boy wants his own ladies perfume?

McDuff is saluting his fellow men. He’s in a sailor suit right?

After shopping, it was still too early to go home, but we didn’t want to wander too much because it was pouring. We had passed by a Ripley’s (and we LOVE Ripley’s) earlier so we decided to shell our money out there. We received a coupon that knocked some dollars off, so it was not bad at all.

It’s too bad there isn’t an entertainment coupon book for NYC that includes comedy shows, Madame Tussauds, Ripley’s or late night shows. I bet that would be really popular.

We made the decision not to take too many pictures inside because the cool thing about Ripley’s is what you can see! I mean, it’s what you pay for. So we don’t want to spoil anything for anybody.

It was so cool to be in the first Ripley’s museum ever. We have one in Niagara Falls but it’s about…1/3 the size of New York’s and their is MUCH MORE interactive. They even have themed areas and rooms. Totally worth the money.

This is made with puzzle pieces.

Who stole my cheese?

Aww, YC is trapped and can’t get to his food!

What? Now his head is chained down?

Oh no! He’s been beheaded!

After I took this picture, I went around the wall so I didn’t see what happened next. YC still had his head in the jar when some girl came by and he opened his eyes, totally freaking her out! Hahaha, what fun.

My feet were starting to ache but still having fun!

Every trip, I tell myself to buy a vibrating massager for my feet when I get home. I forget to by the next trip. I also try to remember to bring tiger balm for the pain, but I forget that one too. I should just write this down on my permanent list in my travel journal…

I still haven’t found those perfect travel shoes. I love my Sanuks, but they have no arch support and I love my crocs, but they’re not soft enough.

We got back to our hotel around 9:30pm, deciding to grab dinner after a little rest. When we turned on the TV, we got this.


Since we were right in the theatre district, we knew we would be surrounded by food places. Unfortunately, they were ALL overpriced but I couldn’t go any further with my feet so we settled.

Lookey, how pretty after the rain..

Farther into the picture, you can see that Times Square is only a handful of blocks away!

We ate at Lindy’s on 7th avenue. It was a retro diner with retro food I guess. This is YC’s dinner.

It was just a steak sandwich. He said it wasn’t bad, just too pricey.

I had a smoked meat sandwich.

It was DELICIOUS. The meat was very flavourful and I could taste the smoke.

The only downside was we waited a LONG TIME for our server to order, and our food to arrive. The place was empty too! I can’t imagine when it’s busy.

We got back to the hotel, happy that it was in such a convenient location, showered and went to bed. With my feet aching.

Up next: Day 2 adventures


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2 Responses to NYC 2011-A CityPass tour: Day 1 pt.3

  1. Anndrea says:

    I believe Ruby Tuesdays is a few hops away in that area, no?

    I need a feet aching solution too. I didn’t get a chance to buy Sanuks and I don’t remember my feet feeling any better while at Wonderland when I wore it. I did buy some Dr.Schools with arch support just before my trip. Life savers!

    • Yuki says:

      There is! We had dinner there on a Tuesday night cause I’m cheesy like that.

      Sanuks are very soft and great when you first buy them. Unfortunately….they’re yoga mats….so they do wear out….

      Ohhh, which arch support did you get? I think that’s the problem with both our feet. We need arch support and cushion.

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