Day 10: 1

Day Ten: One confession

Wow…I’m very proud that I actually finished this! I’ve got to say, 10 day memes are for sure easier to complete than 30 days ones. Maybe I’ll do a couple more of these before I advance to the next stage.

So we are finally down to the very last one. A confession. Hmmm….What one confession am I willing to reveal to the INTERNET??? Actually, I knew this was coming, so I’ve actually had time to think of it.

1. As much as I say I didn’t start this blog so I can get readers and have strangers actually care that much about my life, deep down inside (VERY DEEP), I do care. Like, just a little. I mean, I post about some pretty useful information like my reviews and recipes and travel reports.

Sure, if I cared more, I’d try harder to get readers. Well…I would even TRY, because I don’t really do any of that. I don’t feel why I should feign interest in someone else’s life blog just to get them to be interested in mine. And the more themed ones that I’m actually interested in are probably too popular to even read my blog because they have other blogs that they need to feign interest in to “thank” people for their readership.

I guess for me, I don’t even mind if I don’t have regular readers other than my BFF and some other people I know. But I’d like to have readers on my more informational posts, you know? I love helping other people out and that’s what I try to do with those. I love sharing my own experiences to try to improve someone else’s experiences.

So I guess that’s my own confession. Haha, ironic isn’t it? Confessing to virtually no one? Still, it’s the internet and there are some things that shouldn’t go up here. I mean, it’s not like I’m completely anonymous. You can just scroll down my posts and easily find out how I look like.


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