Day 8: 3 turn ons

Day Eight: Three turn ons.

Hm….I guess it’s what I’m moe for.

1. Glasses. I have a thing for glasses. For sure, on fictional characters, I love glasses. On real people, sometimes glasses make them look SO GOOD! Like…yeah….But I think this works mostly on anime/manga characters. I love glasses then.

2. Intelligence. Ok, another thing for fictional characters. It’s why I LOVE Artemis Fowl so much, he’s SO SMART!

3. Nice sculpted and defined forearms. Mmmmm. Huge turn on for me and is actually one of the things I check out in a guy if he has his sleeves rolled up. Ok, since I have a physically thing for a guy, I should have a physical thing for girls. The first 2 applies to both genders. Boobs. Nice boobs. Like, real and shapely but not huge or droopy or too far apart.

Not a very interesting post, this one is.


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