NYC 2011-A CityPass tour: Day 1 pt.1

Now for the trip report I have promised y’all! (And mostly to the DIS) Get ready for my jam-packed vacation to New York, New York!

This is a trip I have been wanting to take for a long time, much like my Montreal trip. You will not believe just how much I looked forward to this trip. I only had a couple of months to plan it and we had a bit of trouble with the subways there but we had an amazing time that we would not trade for anything else. Get ready for my 4-day August trip to the big apple!

Our flight was at 9:30am, so we wanted to get to the airport by 8am. We were flying with Porter and since it’s a much smaller airport, there’s no customs to go through so no need to get there 3 hours in advance.

We were leaving on a Sunday, which meant the TTC doesn’t start until 8:45am, so we called for a cab and left at 7:15am. The drive was quiet and uneventful, since the city doesn’t wake up that early on a Sunday. We saw parts of downtown I’ve been meaning to visit, like Honest Ed’s!

This was my first time flying Porter and YC’s countless times because of all his business trips. It’s an all-business class airline that fly right out of downtown Toronto. Now, you may think that an exclusive airline like this would cost a lot, but after some research, flying Porter which brought us straight to EWR airport was cheaper than flying from Pearson, with connecting flights, also to EWR. They are constantly having 40% off seat sales.

That’s the airport. Well, about half of it.

Ready for our trip with Duffy McDuff!

There’s also a shuttle to here from Union Station. You can see the CN Tower!

We’re on a boat! Well, a little ferry to take us across the water. Check-in was super easy and there was only about 2 people in line in front of us.

McDuff needs to be scanned!

Hey Toronto!

We’re going to NYC!

Right outside the gates, there’s this beautiful lounge for you to take advantage of with lots of comfy seats (you can find pics online cause I forgot to take them), free wifi and computer stations, and lots of free drinks and snacks!

Fiji water! We grabbed a couple for our trip.

These were really yummy.

There’s also a cappuccino machine I forgot to take a picture of.

Ok, so what else is included when you fly Porter?
-1 free checked bag
-1 drink and awesome snacks in flight or an in-flight meal during lunch and dinner flights

Yeah…pretty awesome. The flight attendants are also in retro uniforms that just make you feel so….refined when you fly. Totally their tag line of “Flying. Refined.” Excellent service and comfy seats. I would fly with them again in a heartbeat. Which we will because we have some credit to burn.

Our flight left promptly at 9:25am and we landed in EWR around 11:30am. Ok, I said I wasn’t going to be THIS detailed, but it’s hard to shake a habit. The rest of my trip won’t be so….detailed.

Before this trip, I only really knew of how to take public transit into NYC, but while on the flight I learned that there’s a shuttle that offers round-trips to NYC and back! And it would be faster and not that much more expensive than taking the trains. We looked around for the location of the shuttle, but were given confusing directions by 3 different airport workers. We finally just kind of…stumbled onto the bus stop. It’s $27 rt/adult. Highly recommended.

The shuttle has pick-ups and drop-offs in 3 different locations and we decided to get off at Times Square. These are some shots I took while on the bus.

The anticipation was building!

We got dropped off and it was…..pretty overwhelming. Since I’ve been told that Streets are close together, we decided to hoof it to our hotel. No use getting stuck in traffic and paying a taxi for it.

We’re in NYC!

This place is larger than life!

Our hotel was at a super convenient location. Right on the corner of 58th and Broadway, with a couple of subways stations about a block away. NYC city blocks are TINY! It’s Ameritania Hotel. I forgot to take a picture of the front, but you can google that too.

Here are some pics of the lobby.

It was very nice and modern looking. Overall…I give this hotel a 2.5/5, here’s why. When we first went to check-in, it was around 1pm. The front desk lady had just finished with another guest when we were about to walk up, but was cut-off by a guy selling tours…Now, we are clearly visible behind this guy, with no one else behind us. She goes on to just CHAT with this guy for about 20 mins, with us and our bags standing behind him, waiting for her to finish.

Finally, when he’s done talking (she made no attempt to shut him up or stop him) and leaves, she turns to us to check us in. So, at this point, we know that our rooms might not be ready because we were kind of early. We asked her if we should wait for our rooms here, or just leave our bags, go exploring, and then come back later. She tells us that she’ll call someone to check on our room and get back to us.

So we sit down and wait for the call back. 10 minutes later, I ask the front desk lady if anyone has called back. She’s like, “, but I’ll call them again.” I’m starting to get mad because she should’ve done that without me asking her to, 10 minutes later. At 1:50pm, I have to ask her to call housekeeping again because she’s obviously busy doing NOTHING at the front desk (it was pretty slow that day). Housekeeping STILL couldn’t confirm, after 3 calls to them within an hour. Finally, at 2pm, someone tells us our room is ready.

Frustrated and hungry, we head up to our room. It was a very small room, but definitely an effective use of space. Minus the situation with the bed which I’ll get to later…

View from the front door.

The table next to the bed.

The closet to the right of the room as you walk in from the door.

View of bathroom door from bedside.

View of the front door from the bed.

The table again.

The very modern bathroom.

We dropped all our stuff off and headed out to find some grub.

Up next: Our first time on the NYC subway and Times Square!


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