Wait for it…

I have been without internet for a week now, borrowing the shitty wi-fi of Starbucks right now, although I really shouldn’t complain because I’m getting internet AT ALL and due to the horrible weather outside, there aren’t that many people here to make the internet too slow, so I’m glad.

I’ve got a great NYC trip report coming up. Of course, not as detailed as Montreal because I simply didn’t take that many notes down. I was too busy just enjoying the city for the hustle and bustle that it’s known for.

I’m also not sure if people really want to hear all the little itty bitty details of my trips anyways, unlike at the DIS where we must devulge every second of our trip so that our readers can live vicariously through our trips, which is one of the reasons why trip reports are so popular on the boards.

As soon as my place gets internet, I’m thinking of starting another 30-day meme. I’ll complete it this time since I don’t have all that much to do now that I’m out of school and looking for employment.

Speaking of, everybody expects me to find a job REAL SOON, even though I actually had less time to do this than most other people. I mean, most people graduate before the summer and have all those months to look for a job. I think because of all my years in school, my parents just kind of expect me to do SOMETHING in the Fall. I graduated just last month, but I’m pressured to have a job NOW. Guess it doesn’t help that I still have to pay rent and everything which is, I admit, entirely of my own doing.

Well, here’s to hoping I find steady employment before Halloween, whether it pertains to the field I studied in or not. I just need to pay those darn bills.

My mom bought me a Kindle!I named him Watson. Not after the literary character, but after the IBM super computer. To add more geek to the mix, it’s also filled with geek titles such as Harry Potter, Scott Pilrgim, Theme Park Design, and Game of Thrones. There will be more geek titles to come.

So as the title says, wait for it dear readers and I shall return (somewhat) triumphantly!


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One Response to Wait for it…

  1. Anndrea says:

    Good luck, Yuks. (pronounced as Youks not Yucks)
    I’m sure you’ll find something soon! Anyway, you can get your USANA thing started in the mean time! :)

    And I got to say that is one nerdy Kindle. Lol!!!

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