Holy snap, it’s August

Where did my time go????

Oh yeah….slacking off and watching stuff online. BTW, Game of Thrones is a MUST WATCH. Seriously, go watch it now. Some of those characters are bad-ass and John Snow is HAWT.

I think I have one more chapter of my Montreal trip to post. Truth is, I finished writing them up a long time ago and are just spacing out my postings….so it’s like I’m posting more often? Yeah….weird blogging strategies.

I got my very first smart phone a few months back. Bff A. convinced me to finally get one. An HTC Legend. I was free with the 3-year contract I signed, sounds good to me. Now that I have it….It just feels like ANOTHER way I can waste more time NOT spending it with people. Seriously, I feel like I’m slowly disconnecting from the real world.

Being able to read all that manga is awesome though. It’s how I finally got to finishing Ouran Host Club. What an end. What a beautiful end. I’m satisfied. It was awesome. Got me laughing until the end.

Summer has been awesome so far. Medieval Times, BBQ, Zombiess!!!, tea parties, and lots of movies. I really liked Friends with Benefits. Mila Kunis is SO pretty and JT was adorable. It had a lot of sex. It’s 14A, wtf! A 10 year was sitting next to me while we watch soft core porn and I could feel how uncomfortable he got. There were a lot of jokes that virgins shouldn’t get.

Finally got Swype texting working on my Android phone that was supposed to COME WITH IT. It’s amazing. Incredible. I’m amazed every time I swype something and it gets it RIGHT. I’m like, “what the, that wasn’t even close!” but it gets it! Awesome technology.

I’m addicted to checking in. It has no purpose but to give me another reason to use my phone for NO REASON. Gowalla and Foursquare are my drug of choice. It’s also kind of like facebook…in that it tells you where your friends are. Or twitter, but I find most people don’t post about where they are. And who are these people that tweet while on the toilet? WTF, who does that?

I have a twitter. Still don’t need facebook.

Oh, and if you haven’t seen this yet, you gotta check it out.
Baby sloth yawning

Here’s a picture for no reason.
(I want this so bad)


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  1. A. says:

    I hope nobody is checking in in the toilet either!!!!

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