What a date! <3

Yesterday, YC and I went on an awesome date DAY. Not just night! We had breakfast at Cora’s, spent the day at the Toronto Zoo, then had dinner at Red Lobster. The weather was really nice and although it was hot, it wasn’t sweltering. There were also lots of breezes which was AWESOME.

This entry will be a photo journal because I took a LOT of pictures. I’ll be adding in captions here and there, but I want the pictures to tell the stories too! For our adventure, I brought along Anndrea, a little pink dinosaur that A. caught for me at Canada’s Wonderland last week.

So, let’s get started!

Breakfast at Cora’s. I tried my very first eggs Benedict.

The sauce was yummy, but very salty. I had decaf with it too, which wasn’t so bad. I only had 1.5 cups of coffee! *legasp* The fruit was very good. My favourite was the banana and apple.

YC had Rosemary’s Delight, which has blueberry crepes.

The crepes weren’t that great…but it was satisfying enough.

Cora’s is getting SO popular now. We had a 10-15min wait, which wasn’t so bad, but the line was often out the door.

These seagulls were just standing there….

Anndrea’s not intimidated by the bald eagle there.

The other side of the entrance.

This carousel is new. A lot has changed since the last time I was here, 3 years ago.

Hey YC, wait up!

Free running peacock.

Kind of looked like a pokemon.


The zoo is surrounded by prettiness.

Mmm, fish look yummy.

The FISH get an infinity pool. FFFFFFFfffffffffffffffffffuuuuuu

Hey there Mr. Fishy.

My mouth is this way you guys.

It was just staring out into the people…

Plotting its escape maybe?

Blurry pic of orangutan habitat.

It’s a python.

Rawr kitty.

This poor thing was just pacing around the door. Makes me question their treatment…

Oooh, bats and molerats!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t take any pictures in there because it was too dark and using my flash would be just cruel.

I DID spend a good 10 minutes just WATCHING the fruit bats. THEY’RE SO CUUTE OMG. I want a fruit bat. We could make MILLIONS selling its guano. I want a fruit bat DAMMIT.

Oh, Anndrea wants in too.

This pygmy hippo was SO SAD. All alone in a tiny little corner.

I think I’ve finally figured out that my left side is my good side.

Anndrea sure likes this chameleon.

Like, a lot.

OMG, this is heaven.

YC is SO much better at these shots than I am. I guess I need to practice camwhoring?

Careful Anndrea, don’t break it.

Why is this shot so blurry?

Another peacock out and about.

What are we looking at?


These are pretty good shots, eh?

Back in Canada.

What the, when did this picture happen?

Anndrea, Bear Conquerer!

Conquered this one too.

Berries, nom nom!

OMG, so many berries!!!

Close up zebra.

It’s a sloth!!! Drinking water!!!

Oh, hey thar.

2 otters, playing around in the water.

Mmm, more fishies.

Hey there cousins.

We don’t need no men.

I love snakes, can you tell?

I could eat you for breakfast.

That water looks soooo refreshing.

Camel rides!

On our way out.

What the? Get off me!

We must keep our love a secret…

This is pretty funny.

We went home, showered and got ready to go to Red Lobster. There are no pictures of the food because I forgot to bring my camera, and my phone doesn’t do so well in low light.

We both had the Seafood Feast, which is a 4-course meal for $18! Recommended if you like shrimp.

A great end to a great day!


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