Lasagna-style Spinach and Chicken casserole

It’s time for a Yuki original recipe!!! *applause*

This is my first time posting up a recipe so bear with me. I pretty much get the format cause I’m on recipe sites A LOT.

Now, for a little background on the dish. I recently bought a casserole dish and have gone casserole crazy. I also recently bought a PC meat lasagna which was actually more of a casserole, but layered like a lasagna with the usual meat lasagna sauce.

Sooo, inspired by a recipe for Spinach fettucine, I decided to make a spinach and chicken casserole, but layer it like a lasagna. Why a lasagna? Um….Trying something new I guess.

If anyone can come up with a shorter name for the dish, that would be awesome.

Just a note: I encourage you to take liberty with the measurements. I usually eyeball it when I cook so…feel free to add a bit more or less. This isn’t baking.

You’ll need:
-3 cups broad egg noodles
-2 cups boneless chicken breast (can be any chicken, this is just the easiest to cut up)
-3 cups shredded cheese ie. a typical bag (3 cheeses is best)
-0.5-1 cup heavy cream (depends on how creamy you want the dish)
-1 lb fresh spinach
-shredded Parmesan

1. Set the oven to 325 degrees F
2. Cook the egg noodles according to the package instructions until it’s nice and soft. Drain and place in large bowl.
3. Cook the spinach in boiling water for 5 mins. Drain and set aside.
4. Cut the chicken into 1cm cubes (or larger if you prefer). Cook in boiling water with 2 tsp of salt for 3-5 minutes until it’s fully cooked.
5. Mix half of the cream with the cooked noodles.
6. Layer the lasagna/casserole starting with the noodles. Then add a layer of spinach, a layer of chicken, and a layer of cheese. Repeat once. (If you’re using a small dish, you may do this more than once, as long as you end with cheese on top)
7. Pour the rest of the cream over the dish evenly.
8. Cover the dish fully with Parmesan.
9. Bake in the oven for 35mins.

Serves 4.

And voila! Enjoy!

You can substitute the chicken for something else, or even another kind of veggie, it’s up to you.


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