Montreal a go! Pt.9

Final chapter! I didn’t take all that many pictures of Day 2 or 3. I think the cold really got in the way of that. Yes, I can keep blaming the cold for stuff! Can you tell I REALLY don’t like it?

Today was our last day in Montreal and we were leaving in the evening. Unfortunately…due to an underestimation of traveling time, we spent our last 2 hours, waiting for the bus….but I’ll get to that later!

We woke up again at 9am to catch breakfast that we THOUGHT ended at 11am like the day before, but we totally forgot that this day was just a regular day in Montreal, and not a holiday like it is in Ontario.

It was a Monday and back home, it would’ve been Family Day! Silly…I know…But in Montreal….it was an OFF day! As in, the vast majority of museums and galleries in the city were closed on Mondays. I’m pretty sure this is only during the winter season when they don’t expect as many visitors.

So, after feeling defeated about not reading the breakfast schedule carefully, we went back up to our room to pack up our things and check-out. We were headed to the Montreal Science Centre! I had just bought an annual pass and it was the only thing open that interested YC(meaning, not a mall).

Something I wanted to show you guys were the windows of the centre that we passed through to get to the subway entrance. They were tinted with yellow, and during the day looking out of it, the outside looked like a flashback scene!

Not sure if you guys understand what I’m saying…but it had a really nostalgic look about it that I just LOVED.

Doesn’t it feel all old and romantic?

So, the Science Centre was only a (relatively) short walk from the nearest subway station, so we just walked there. We wanted to take pictures of our walk over, but it was just too darn cold! Although my new tights made the cold MUCH MORE tolerable.

Here I am, walking up to it with my weekend bag and backpack on. The weekend bag is actually my gym bag and it was able to fit all YC and mine’s clothing and travel stuff in it! Why isn’t YC carrying it? Well, he packed his laptop and was also holding onto all the leftovers we amassed over the weekend including the pizza from the night before.

When YC saw this, he said, “What the? How did we get to Epcot?”

The Science Centre part is on the right. It’s connected to a skating rink.

So we got there at 11am, dumped our stuff in a locker and set off to explore the place. I LOVE the Ontario Science Centre, which you can probably tell because I have an annual pass and everything. I can literally spend hours in that place.

So…the Montreal one…well, since it was cheaper we assumed it was smaller. We were right. It was MUCH smaller. I would say….1/3 or 1/4 of the Ontario one? Of course, the Ontario one does have the IMAX theatre, but if you’re comparing the exhibits themselves, the Montreal one was VERY SMALL.

We still had a GREAT time there! They had one room that was filled with stuff that our “arcade” part of the Ontario one used to have! It was really cool to see that those old structures were moved to Montreal. This one room was very interactive and so much fun. Actually, this whole centre was very interactive. Much more so than the Ontario one, which is why YC liked this one better.

Here are some of the stuff we played with! In this one, you were supposed to stand in the orange circle and created a large bubble around yourself. We didn’t know this until some other kids came to try it out, but here’s how far Andrew got being outside the circle.

Chair of nails!

It’s ok McDuff, it’s not THAT bad…:headache:

McDuff is trying very hard to lift this heavy metal.

This chair is hooked to a pulley so you could pull(ey) yourself up on it! Andrew got all the way up, but let go before I could get a good picture! So we ended up with this.

Oooh, an infrared camera.

YC asked me for 2 quarters for this shot.

The Centre is right on the harbous, so you can see out on the river. This was a little sitting section for the parents!

There was a couple of other rooms that weren’t all that interesting…And then we came across this.

Don’t worry, no pictures were allowed. There was a middle school group that was visiting and you could tell some of them were pretty uncomfortable…but had to write a report on it.

Also a group from a Catholic girls high school that were way too immature… but wtv.

I really enjoyed this one. I thought it was overall very informative and very interesting and again, interactive. Interactive sex exhibit you ask? Well, there was a place that had two tables set up a couple feet from each other and had headphones on each table.

When you turn the headphones one, they gave you instructions on how to act and what to do. It was an experiment in seducing someone and being seduced! It was hilarious though because YC ended up as the one being seduced and he was touching his hair and neck and stuff, haha.

It was a tad bit hetersexist, but overall, very well done. They also had panels of people’s naked bodies throughout lifespan. Very interesting.

So, we got there at 11am and had finished looking at everything by 12:30pm. We ate our leftovers for lunch and decided to head back to Rue Crescent to check out the Crocs store I saw the night before.

We took some more photos of the frozen-ish harbour.

I thought it looked REALLY cool in an eerie sort of way.

The downside of couple traveling is that we rarely get photos of the two of us in them. I can’t wait to travel with my best friend and her dbf so we can finally get more couple photos!

We decided to take another way around to get back to the subway (which was MUCH easier said than done). We passed by Pointe a Calliere, the museum we wanted to go to but had no time for.

Ah wells, next time!

After some more walking, we finally find the subway entrance and got to the Crocs store.After much browsing and trying different shoes on, I bought a pair of Duet Flip flops. Also one of the Winter clogs. Since the clogs meant I could buy gibblets, I did! I bought Stitch, Wall-E and Eve ones.

Our original plan on Day 3 was to check was Schwarz, a famous smoked meat place in Montreal. It was highly recommended by friends. Looking at the map, it didn’t look too close to a subway station and I didn’t know how to take the bus. YC and I were worried we wouldn’t make it to the train station in time, so we decided to skip it. We were also way too tired to walk more because we were carrying all our stuff with us.

Probably not the best idea because we were at the terminal by 2:30pm for our 5:30pm bus…While waiting, YC bought a box of his favourites. We took a picture because it is in a paper box and not a plastic bag!

Eventually, the bus pulled up st 4:30 and we were allowed to board then. We actually left the terminal at 5pm instead of 5:30pm. I wasn’t too worried because the tickets were like plane tickets. They had all the passengers so they just left early.

The ride back to Toronto was uneventful. The sun was setting, so there wasn’t much to see out the window. I just listened to the Dis Unplugged and fell asleep. We got home around 12:30am and went straight to bed.

Overall, I had a really good time in Montreal and can’t wait to come back in the Summer to do all the things we weren’t able to do! I’m sure when it’s much warmer, we’ll be able to walk more. When we were walking up to the Science Centre YC asked if we could go somewhere warmer next time. This coming from the guy that doesn’t like to take vacations! So next Feb, we’re going on a cruise to the Caribs!


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