Sanuk yoga mat flip flops & Tetley liquid Infushions

It’s official. These flip flops are the BEST THING I’ve ever bought for my feet.

Yes, in this blue colour too. I actually painted my nails blue cause I was so inspired by these.

They are very sturdy flip flops that are made with recycled yoga mats. At first I thought, “Yoga mats for sandals? That sounds like those flimsy foam ones you can get an Old Navy.” It isn’t. Far from it. As you can see from the pic, it’s the top layer that is covered in the yoga mat. It’s pretty sturdy.

I’ve been having feet problems since high school. I’m pretty sure I have plantar fascilitis, which makes it hard for my feet to walk or stand for too long without a terrible pain on the bottom of my foot. It also causes strain on my knees which in turn gives me back pain. Yup, it’s the whole damn package.

Well…although these flip flops don’t help much with my knees because it has no arch support, it is THE MOST COMFORTABLE shoes/sandals I’ve ever had the pleasure of wearing. I just spent 5 hours at the theme park, standing in lines of 20 mins long. In the past, the bottom of my feet will already be hurting by the 2nd or 3rd ride. I’d have to sit down and get off my feet, but it would still ache and hurt to walk the rest of the day. There was no respite!

I tried insoles, but they only relieved the pain for about an hour or two and it would start to hurting again. When I was at Disney last year, within my 3rd hour inside Epcot, our very first park on our first night, my feet were KILLING ME. And it continued to slowly murder my feet until my trip was over.

These flip flops? NO PAIN. None at all. My feet don’t hurt ONE BIT right now. I was just AMAZED while waiting for rides that my feet weren’t hurting! I felt like I could stand in lines ALL DAY (not that I ever would). I kept expecting my feet to start hurting while standing in line, but it never did, and it STILL doesn’t. By my 3rd hour inside a theme/amusement park, my feet would usually be crying bloody murder. With these flip flops, they’re in heaven. They never want to leave.

They’re not cheap though. But with luxury such as these, they were worth EVERY PENNY. I have searched long and hard (hehe) for the perfect sandal, and I’ve found it. I will be buying another pair, just to go with outfits. I’m in love and I’m never letting go.

I HIGHLY recommend these. Even if you don’t get foot pain, you’ll still love how comfy they are. They were kind of slippery when wet, but had no problem staying on. The thong strap is made of fabric so they don’t rub like those cheap plastic ones. The sole has a very good grip so you don’t have to worry about slipping.

I bought my pair for $34.99 CAD plus tax, which is a rip cause their US website sells them for $28. I really hate these stupid exchange rates.

Now, I recently sampled and bought 2 boxes of these.

I have the Cherry with Orange Blossom flavour and the Summer berries flavour. They’re liquid iced tea drink mixes. It comes out like a gel and you mix it with cold water. One packet can be used with 2-3 cups of water, depending on how sweet you like it. They’re very yummy and fruity and is a great alternative to those other iced teas that are full of sugar and preservatives. There are 6 packets in each box and I paid about $2 for each box, which is a pretty good deal!

Very refreshing and yummy. It quenched my craving for iced coffee. Which is a PRETTY big one. That’s what she said.


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